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Exotic Wildlife Association
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Thanks to all that attended Huntsville Livestock’s July exotic game sale…

Over 700 lots were sold and the market was fantastic 

All seats were sold out before  8:30 AM 


Remember to reserve your seats early for the August 22nd  sale…

We are already getting consignments for the next sale…

Call them in for pre-sale marketing !!!


As most of you know, I was appointed to the Texas Animal Health Commission to represent our industry.   I will fight tooth and nail to preserve our way of life BUT I need help from you to win these battles. 


The elk, red deer, sika regulations will come up for review in January. There are associations and state agencies that want to impose more severe restrictions on these species. I have assured the TAHC that industry will provide more CWD samples VOLUNTARY before January 1, 2015


I ask you to provide samples from one or more of these species this fall..


TAHC is currently conducting classes to instruct and certify you in the collection process. The pilot class was held at Huntsville Livestock Sales and was very successful. The next class will be held in Ingram,Tx on September 4th at the EWA office. This class, however, is already full. For future class information contact Tommy Oates or Charly Seale.


Thanks for your support. 

Tommy Oates

Chairman of the Board 

(936) 295-4483  


Charly Seale

Executive Director

(830) 928-3158