Austin Petting Zoo Wild Things Zoofari

Austin Petting Zoo Wild Things Zoofari

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Teaching children & adults about the wonders of the animal world through hands on experiences. Courtney is one of the best Animal Education Specialist in the USA and outside the USA. She preforms over 400 animal shows in libraries and schools around the state
of Texas a year… Wikipedia

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Welcome to Wild Things Zoofari Inc., the top premiere Austin Petting Zoo and Austin Animal Shows. We provide animal shows, petting zoos and a fun, educational experience for people of all ages. We are available for you, serving Austin, Dallas/Ft, Houston and San Antonio Texas areas. Anyone can gather a few animals, make a website, and try to pass it off as an ethical and safe petting zoo. Wild Things Zoofari is different. As the only petting zoo and animal show venue recognized by Wikipedia, our reputation for animal welfare and audience safety is coupled with our affiliation with reputable zoological organizations.

We bring the zoo to your birthday, festival, library, or school so you can take a walk on the Wild Side. We offer a mobile petting zoo with exotic animals that will amaze and captivate an audience of all ages and educational levels. Our Lemurs, Kangaroos, and other smaller mammals will entertain without fail and allow all animal enthusiasts to learn something new.

Wild Things Zoofari Inc. is comprised of the Austin Petting Zoo, Dallas Petting Zoo, Houston Petting Zoo, and the San Antonio Petting Zoo. Wild Things Zoofari Inc. is based in Austin, Texas. We are privately owned and are rapidly expanding nationwide. The San Antonio Party bus San Antonio Party Bus highly recommends us all to their clients.

“We Bring The Zoo To You” is a registered trademark of Wild Things Zoofari Inc. “We Bring The Zoo To You” may not be reproduced by any means or in any form whatsoever without written permission.

We understand that some non-profits run solely on grants and donations from others in the community who support their programs, and that some schools and libraries have low budgets. Thanks to your generous donations, we can give some free programs to these institutions.

Wild Things Zoofari makes contributions in all areas that we feel will make a positive impact on the future of our planet. Our first priority is to support libraries and schools with low budgets. If you are part of a library or school with a low budget, we invite you to go to our Contact page and apply for a program.