13-Year-Old Girl Tags Two Monster Red Stags – Then Receives Death Threats


13-Year-Old Girl Tags Two Monster Red Stags – Then Receives Death Threats

Aryanna Gourdin, a 13-year-old from Cove, Utah, recently traveled with her father, Eli, and her brother, Jacob, to New Zealand to hunt red stag. She successfully pulled-off the challenge and tagged two mature stags on consecutive days (stag No. 1 shown above). The second stag (below) scored 404 inches! Aryanna went on the hunt with outfitter Kaweka Hunting New Zealand.

The video below of Aryanna and her second stag received over 110,000 views on Facebook. Kendall Jones even shared the hunt on her Facebook page, which has more than 1 million followers.

Aryanna has always loved the art of hunting and has many stories to tell.

For example, back in August, Aryanna and her father went on a hunting trip to Africa. During this adventure, she legally tagged a zebra and giraffe. Aryanna decided to post a picture her harvest on Facebook, but anti-hunters spotted the post and she received many hate messages – and even death threats. In total, she received more than 75,000 negative comments on her Facebook post, and was called “sick” and an “animal hater.”

Undaunted, Aryanna has not recanted her hunting lifestyle. She simply has replied kindly and softly to this situation saying, “I will never back down from hunting, because I am a hunter!”

And Aryanna isn’t fighting the negativity alone. Many outdoorsmen and supporters of Aryanna have stated, “Let the haters hate. Hunt away, Aryanna!”

Editor’s note: Aryanna continues pursuing her love for the outdoors. She is now a co-host on The Outdoorsman’s Art Radio Show alongside with her father, Eli, and the author. She also recently contributed to writing a book regarding hunting rights and anti-hunting activism entitled “The Hunter’s War: Vegan Vs. Hunters,” which is available online. She will never back down from being a hunter.