2015 Golden Buck Awards


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2015 Golden Buck Divisional Winners
The DBC Staff and Board of Directors would like to Congratulate the 2015
Golden Buck Divisional Winners!

Yearling Texas Typical:

59 South – Double Wide Whitetails

Yearling Texas Non-Typical:

Yard~Line – Derby~Sand~Ranch  

Yearling Out of State Typical:
Wildcore – Rocky Top Whitetails

Yearling Out of State Non-Typical:
Strong’s Triple Crown – Armstrong’s Alabama Whitetails
2YR Old Texas Typical:
RW Prince- RW Trophy Ranch 
2YR Old Texas Non-Typical:
RW Drake – RW Trophy Ranch
2YR Old Out of State Typical:
Southern Kid – Rocky Ridge Whitetails

2YR Old Out of State Non-Typical:

  Red Zone – Cougar Ridge Whitetails  

3YR Old Texas Typical:
Pump-Jack – Caveman Wildlife

3YR Old Texas Non-Typical:
Freeze Frame – Mossy Rock Whitetails
3YR Old Out of State Typical:
Storm Express – Pine Creek Deer Farm
3YR Old Out of State Non-Typical:
Texas T Bone – Maple Hill Farms
4YR Old + Texas Typical:
Perfect Dream – Texas M3 Ranch
4YR Old + Texas Non-Typical:
Monarch SuperStar – RW Trophy Ranch

4YR Old + Out of State Typical:
Southern Boy – Galaxy Whitetail Solutions
4YR Old + Out of State Non-Typical:

  Bossman – Country View Whitetails

Members will have the opportunity to vote for the 2015 Golden Buck through the mail.  We ask that all ballots be enclosed in the envelopes provided.  This vote is completely anonymous and members should not include their name, signature, member number, address, or any other identifier on the ballot or envelope.  All ballots are printed on copy proof paper that will display “void” if copied.If you are unable to vote by mail, you MUST bring your ballot to the convention. No ballots will be handed out at the convention.

8th Annual DBC Convention/Fundraiser & Quality Whitetail Deer Auction
August 2729, 2015
Hyatt Regency Hill Country
9800 Hyatt Resort Drive, San Antonio, TX 78251
7th Annual New Year’s Auction

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