Dear Friends:

Texans United for Hunting and Fishing Rights (TUHFR) is a

Specific-Purpose Political Action Committee (SPAC) dedicated to protecting Texans’ rights to hunt and fish, through the passage of Proposition 6 on the November 3, 2015 Constitutional Amendment ballot.
Proposition 6 proposes an amendment to the Texas Constitution that establishes an individual’s right to hunt, fish and harvest wildlife in the Lone Star State.  It would ensure that wildlife conservation and management decisions continue to be based on sound science in order to preserve Texas’ hunting heritage for generations to come and to protect it against future attacks from well-funded, anti-hunting organizations.

Failure of the proposition would signal to anti-hunting and fishing groups that Texans allow their rights to be infringed upon.  Early voting starts in late October.

Please review the attached information from TUHFR, and consider

donating  to this important S-PAC.   (Please click on highlighted/underlined words to view attached documents.)
And, most importantly, VOTE ON NOVEMBER 3.

Your THCC Board of Directors:

Jan Strauss, President
Monique Rode, Vice President
Tim Fallon, Secretary
Ed Hitchler, Treasurer,
Patty Curnutte, Past President
Wes Mundy, Board Member
Jen Harwood, Board Member