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Who got what concessions in Zambia? What does the IUCN’s research have to say about world populations of lion, polar bear, and other species in the news? How did the first hunts in Chad go since its reopening? And how about some recommendations for hunts in places as far flung as Yukon and New Zealand? We’ve got the scoop for you in this issue of Hunting News & Outfitter Reviews. We offer you a FREE sample of what you’ll find in each issue of The Hunting Report, including the important news that subscribers have come to count on from us.

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Zambia: Leopard Reopens in Zambia, Some Concessions Finalized
From the June 2015 Issue of The Hunting Report

At long last, leopard hunting has been reopened in Zambia and contracts are being signed on those hunting concessions that were reallocated. Tourism and Arts Minister Jean Kapata announced the reopening of leopard and lion hunting on May 15, 2015.

Quotas for lion will not be available until 2016. All of the operators with concessions in Zambia were able to request their quotas for leopard immediately, and should be able to conduct hunts this season. Those operators will include the ones who have signed contracts for the areas that were reallocated in March.

As for the hunting areas, only a handful of the tenders for the 11 concessions allocated this past March had been finalized with signed contracts at the time of this writing. The Zambia Wildlife Authority (ZAWA) continues to slog through the reallocation process, as they deal with multiple appeals and with bidders who have backed out of areas tendered to them. As of this writing, ZAWA had not released a list of finalized area contracts, but we now have the names of a number of operators who have signed seven-year leases on hunting blocks and are preparing to conduct safaris this season. Get the full story here.

Release of IUCN Red List
From the August 2015 Issue of World Conservation Force Bulletin

One June 23, 2015 the IUCN released its Red List update ( There were no surprises for the hunting community in the Red Listings. In fact, despite all the airline embargoes, new EU regulations and USFWS listings and suspensions, no game animal of consequence declined in listing status. Like in the USA, game animals as a class are faring better than so many other species. There must be something to that. Read the full story FREE here.

Nepal: Ripcord Rescues 33 from Nepal After Earthquake
From the June 2015 Issue of The Hunting Report

It’s the nature of hunting that many of us travel to the most remote corners of the planet in search of game. If we need help, we want someone who can reach us in those truly remote locations whatever the prevailing local conditions. Thanks to fortunate timing, no international hunters were in Nepal when the deadly earthquake struck on April 25. But that was pure luck, and you can’t count on luck to save you.

In addition to hunters like you, The Hunting Report’s corporate affiliate Ripcord provides medical evacuation and extraction services to trekkers and mountain climbers worldwide. It wasn’t surprising, therefore that Ripcord effected 33 evacuations in Nepal after the quake. By more good luck, no clients had been seriously injured, but the situation in the entire country was dire and all needed to be evacuated to Kathmandu where they could catch a flight out of Nepal.

Read more about how Ripcord was able to respond to the earthquake in Nepal: Click here.

Chad: Two Successful Subscriber Hunts
From the June 2015 Issue of The Hunting Report

Chad reopened for hunting several months ago and The Hunting Report has followed developments there, providing details on the operator, hunting area and who to call to book a hunt. Now two subscribers have checked in with first-hand reports on recent hunting experiences there. Jim Shockey and Rick Warren hunted with Club Faune, booking through agent Bob Kern at The Hunting Consortium.

Subscriber Jim Shockey emailed us to share details on his recent trip:

“My arrival at N’Djamena went perfectly. Apparently there was some unrest in the city that day, so we went directly to a nearby hotel, rather than traveling across town at night to the hotel where we’d been planning to stay. We left the next morning for the ride to camp…” Get the full story on these two Chad hunts here.

Draw Disappointment II: Didn’t Draw? No Problem with these Guaranteed-Tag Hunts
From the June 2015 Issue of The Hunting Report

By the end of June almost all of the permit drawings in the western states are complete, and you may have missed that once-in-a-lifetime tag. Fortunately, Editor-at-Large Mike Bodenchuk has gone hunting for opportunities and has found some openings with reputable booking agents as well as a reservation hunt. We aren’t recommending any of these specific hunts; you’ll have to do your own due diligence and decide if one is right for you. But there are hunts still available if you didn’t draw the tag you wanted.

A recent spring turkey hunt on the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota gave Bodenchuk opportunity to personally assess the deer herd and potential for hunting deer this fall. We covered deer hunts on the Standing Rock Reservation in the December 2014 issue. While EHD has impacted deer across the Great Plains, the Standing Rock still has a significant herd, and tags are still available for the rut. Get details on this opportunity and more here.

European Union Accession to CITES
From the August 2015 Issue of World Conservation Force Bulletin

On the 8th of July, 2015 the EU joined CITES as the 181st Party. Although designed for States/Countries to be Parties, a CITES amendment came into effect in November 2013 which allows “regional economic integration organizations” to join CITES. In total, the EU and its States/Countries will have 28 votes at the Conferences of the Parties (CoPs). CITES voting positions “will continue to be decided with EU Member States through a Council Decision.” This, the EU press release states, “will reinforce visibility and accountability of the EU….” In short, it will give the EU a presence as an entity and “global actor in the environment and trade areas.” Obviously the EU wants a greater “role” beyond its borders. See for the press release.

Outfitter Critique: Excellent Dall Sheep Hunt in Yukon
From the July 2015 Issue of The Hunting Report

Dall sheep were on the agenda for subscriber Dale Hislop when he traveled to Yukon last August. He hunted with Ruby Range Outfitters taking a 156 6/8 B&C, 35×36-inch ram.

“I was guided by general manager Ross Elliott, himself a legend in the sheep hunting world. Ross has been doing this for over 40 years, and is still in phenomenal ‘sheep shape.’ He is a great individual to go with, easy going, very organized from on-spot pickup to drop off….” Get the complete critique on this hunt here.

Outfitter Critique: North and South Island Hunt in New Zealand
From the June 2015 Issue of The Hunting Report

We have a very positive report, on a New Zealand operation that we haven’t heard from for a while, Mountain Hunters. Subscriber Greg Morris hunted with Mountain Hunters guide and operator Brent Moody from late March to early April, hunting both North and South Island for red stag, fallow deer, sika deer and Himalayan tahr and chamois.

In his report, Morris says that he enjoyed hunting plentiful game in all areas. “The free-range and estate red stag hunting was excellent, and hunting in the Southern Alps for tahr and chamois was definitely a unique hunting experience.” We spoke with Morris in a follow-up phone conversation to hear more about his hunt.

“I first started looking around for a New Zealand hunt online, and then at the 2013 SCI show. There are a lot of options to choose from, but I met Adrian Moody there and found that he was very easygoing and straightforward about his operation, so I decided to book a hunt with him…” Get more details on Morris’ hunt here.

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