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Update on Stolen Axis Deer

Last month the Exotic Wildlife Association posted an alert to its members concerning the left of 25 Axis does from a pasture at the Heyd Away Exotics Ranch in Eagle Lake, Texas.  To date it is still not known who or how many individuals were involved in the left of these deer.  The Heyds believe the responsible party had to be someone who knew they were out of town.  The Colorado County Sheriff’s office and the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department are still involved in the investigation.

There has been a $10,000.00 reward offered by the Heyds for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the individual or individuals involved.  It is believed the thieves entered through a gate of an adjoining neighbor who is a friend of the Heyds.  If anyone has information concerning this case they are asked to contact the Colorado County Sheriff’s office or the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Charly Seale
Executive Director

Exotic Wildlife Association
Charly Seale, Executive Director

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September 25, 2015
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