Important Information
from TPWD
Dear Texas Deer Breeders,
This email is intended to provide information related to the use of breeder deer in DMP facilities. If you do not plan to send breeder deer to a DMP facility or do not have a current DMP permit, you can disregard the information in this email.
Due to the recent discovery of CWD in a Medina County deer breeding facility, emergency rules have been enacted that affect the transfer of breeder deer to and from DMP facilities. TWIMS has been modified to accommodate these new rules, and breeder deer may now be transferred to DMP pens. Please review the attached emergency DMP rules and emergency Deer Breeder rules. For an explanation of the new regulations, please review the following document: Explanation of New Transfer Permit and Release Site Procedures
Below is a brief outline of the new rules:
  1. If deer originate from a Tier 1 or TC 3 deer breeding facility, the DMP release site becomes a Class III Release site.
  2. If deer originate from a TC 2 deer breeding facility, the DMP release site becomes a Class II Release Site
  3. Class II and Class III Release Sites are required to comply with specific CWD testing requirements on hunter-harvested deer.
  4. CWD testing requirements resulting from DMP activities involving breeder deer go into effect the following hunting season.
  5. If a breeder buck returns to a deer breeding facility from a DMP facility of a lower status, the deer breeding facility automatically assumes the numeric status of the DMP facility.  For example, if a breeder deer is transferred to a TC 2 deer breeding facility from a Level 3 DMP facility, the deer breeding facility becomes a TC 3 breeding facility.
  6. Any breeder deer going to a DMP facility associated with a Class III Release Site must be tagged with an RFID or NUES tag prior to entering the DMP pen.
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