Apparently there is confusion about the email we sent out from TPWD concerning breeder deer release site requirements. The email was forwarded to all members while it only pertains to a few. Please disregard if you are not a release site owner or have not released any Class II or Class III deer on your site since the new rules took effect.
Important Information from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
Dear Release Site Owner,
You are receiving this email because Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) records indicate that you have released breeder deer since new regulations went into effect on August 18, 2015 that require Class II and Class III release site owners to submit a harvest log and CWD test reports to TPWD. TWIMS has been updated and is now ready to receive harvest log entry and CWD reports. Instructions for entering harvest log data and CWD reports for deer harvested can be found here:TWIMS Instructions Manual
Please note that you may submit as many or as few harvest entries as needed during a single session. TWIMS will automatically save any entries made during a session and will allow for additional harvest entries to be submitted at a later date. Please do not mark the harvest log as complete until you are certain that it is complete and accurate in TWIMS and no additional harvest will occur on the release site in this season.
The harvest log must be completed and submitted to TWIMS by no later than March 15. A harvest log must be completed for all Class II and Class III release sites, even if no deer were harvested during the current reporting season. CWD test results must be submitted to TWIMS no later than May 1.
Contact the appropriate staff member with any questions:
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Paul Crossley
Chris Cerny
Deer Breeders Corp.
210 W. Davis Suite 106
Mesquite, TX 75149