Texas Big Game Awards seeks deer, antelope entries

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By on January 2, 2015

The Texas Big Game Awards, in its 24th year, is accepting entries through Feb. 15 in categories including white-tailed deer, mule deer, javelina and pronghorn antelope.

The program is a partnership between the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department and the Texas Wildlife Association recognizing the contributions landowners, land managers and hunters make to managing and conserving wildlife and wildlife habitat on private lands. The awards promote awareness about wildlife management and the role that hunting plays in habitat conservation, and to foster cooperation among stakeholders who ensure that our state’s wildlife habitat is conserved.

Hunters who harvest a white-tailed deer, mule deer, javelina, or pronghorn antelope this season meeting the minimum net score requirements set for their respective region may be eligible to receive recognition in the “Scored Entry” category. Scoring is done by local certified TBGA scorers using the Boone & Crockett Club Scoring System and entry is free. The landowner where the entry was taken also is eligible to be recognized. Also, hunters that harvest a bighorn sheep during the current season are eligible for recognition.

Hunters of any age who harvest their first big game animal are eligible for the “First Big Game Harvest” category. Hunters who harvest a white-tailed deer, mule deer, javelina, pronghorn antelope or bighorn sheep are eligible, regardless of sex or score of the animal in this category.

All youth hunters (hunting under a valid youth hunting license) who harvest a white-tailed deer, mule deer, javelina, pronghorn antelope or bighorn sheep are eligible for the “Youth Division,” regardless of sex or score or the animal.

Three Regional Sportsman’s Celebration banquets will be held during the program’s 25th anniversary in 2015 to honor program participants. These Sportsman’s Celebrations are coordinated by the Texas Wildlife Association. All program participants will be recognized at their Regional Sportsman’s Celebration and will receive a certificate acknowledging their entry. Participants who are unable to attend will be mailed their certificate at some point after their ceremony has been completed. No awards of monetary value will be given, only certificates.

All awards for each category will be presented only at the Regional Celebration for the region of harvest. A Statewide Celebration will be coordinated by TWA in conjunction with the TWA Annual Convention held each summer. The top three animals statewide in each category will be recognized and receive a special award at the statewide ceremony.