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The John G. and Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation Ranch is seeking bids to lease the exclusive hunting and grazing rights on approximately 40,000 acres in the Jaboncillos Division beginning March 1, 2019. Located roughly sixty miles south of Corpus Christi along US Highway 77, the acreage consists of the following pastures: Telefon, East Jaboncillos, Ramirez and Magote. Bidders may bid on all the pastures or some of the pastures. Individual pastures will not be divided for lease purposes. KMF anticipates that all of the acreage will be leased to one lessee, or the acreage will be divided into two separate leases, at most. The Lease term will be for three years; however, the Kenedy Memorial Foundation will consider extended terms up to ten years total for bids that propose permanent lodging facilities on the Ranch. The Kenedy Memorial Foundation is looking for a longterm relationship with a Lessee who shares in the Foundation’s wildlife conservation and habitat enhancement philosophy. The deadline to submit bids is September 29, 2017.

Please note the section below regarding other land uses that occur on the available acreage in addition to hunting and grazing, including wind energy projects and oil and gas exploration and production. Like other large South Texas Ranches, the Kenedy Memorial Foundation has a history of managing these mixed uses of the land. The selected Lessee(s) will have uninterrupted hunting and grazing in the pastures during the lease, subject to the lease terms.

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