The jewel thief who robbed an estimated $4 million in merchandise from six stores across the South didn’t cover her face — or her tracks.

Newly released court documents say that suspect Abigail Lee Kemp used her own phone and a relative’s car during the string of heists — and raised eyebrows by wearing fancy jewelry.

The FBI used data from cell towers to identify Kemp, 24, as the bandit who waltzed into jewelry outlets in five states, whipped out a gun, herded workers into back rooms and emptied cases, an affidavit says.

A maroon Honda Civic registered to a member of Kemp’s family was spotted on surveillance video from two robbery locations, the documents say. It appears that the suspect later had the car painted black, authorities said.

Media coverage of the case led a number of tipsters to contact law enforcement with Kemp’s name.

“Some citizens have further advised that during recent contacts with Kemp, she was wearing expensive jewelry that some of the callers believe she cannot afford,” the affidavit said.

“Some citizens also advised that Kemp possesses a black handgun and recently had her car painted black.”

Kemp is scheduled to make her first court appearance Monday.

Cameron Parker, who grew up with her in Cobb County, Ga., said he was shocked to hear she had been arrested.

“I thought, ‘That’s insane!’ Because we’re all from a small little suburban community. It’s wild,” he said.

Image: surveillance footage of female jewelry store robberies suspect
This woman robbed six jewelry stores in five states, officials say. FBI

He said he ran into Kemp a year ago when she was waitressing at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Kennesaw. “She seemed good,” he said.

“She’s real chill. She’s hilarious. She’s the life of the party. I’m not saying she’s a party girl, but she’s always cracking jokes. She’s very fun, very social. She’s one of the homies,” he said.