Sign up for the Spring Class at OSU Farmed Whitetail Deer Program

The introductory course will be offered this spring over three full days, Thursday, May 9th, Friday, May 10th, & Saturday, May 11th, 2013 and based in Stillwater, OK. Courses will be taught by OSU faculty and industry leaders. The last day of class will be spent on facility tours and live demonstrations in which students will have the opportunity to interact with members of the industry.


Curriculum Modules include:

  • Overview of the Whitetail deer industry
  • Economics of the industry
  • Facilities and equipment
  • State and federal regulations
  • Deer handling
  • Deer Captivity
  • Breeding management
  • Feed and nutrition
  • Herd management of selection and culling
  • Fawn care


Field Days

  • Facilities tour
  • Animal handling and restraint
  • Breeding and artificial insemination
  • Semen Collection and Handling


Tuition: Cost for the certification program will be $250.00. If you would like to attend part of the program, class sessions may be purchased individually for $100.00 each.  This does not include any travel, hotels, or food costs if you must travel to Stillwater. Upon completion of all classes, graduates will receive a custom OSU certified Whitetail Deer Farm sign.


Click here to enroll!


Spring 2013 Session: Classes will be held on 3 full days; May 9th, 10th, and 11th, 2013  in Stillwater, OK. Class size will be capped at 20 students for this session.  Don’t miss out on this educational opportunity.

For more information, please contact:


Lyndee Strader

(405) 744-9100

2013 W.I.L.D. AWARDS


2013 W.I.L.D. Awards

WILD AwardsThe Hunter Heritage Foundation is proud to announce the winners of the Wildlife Industry, Leadership & Development (W.I.L.D.) Awards for 2013. The W.I.L.D. Awards help spotlight the people, businesses and product innovations that have made a significant, positive impact toward promoting and preserving our American outdoor traditions. [Read More]

EWA Meeting …46th Annual Exotic Wildlife Association Membership Meeting

The 46th Annual Exotic Wildlife Association Membership Meeting will be held March 8th and 9th, 2013. For further information regarding this meeting, contact the EWA office at 830.367.7761

New Tuberculosis Testing Option for Cervid Producers

New Tuberculosis Testing Option for Cervid Producers

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is introducing the CervidTB Stat-Pak Antibody Test Kit as a primary test and the Dual Path Platform as a secondary test for official TB program use in captive elk, red deer, white-tailed deer, fallow deer and reindeer.

Historically, the single cervical tuberculin skin test (SCT) and the comparative cervical tuberculin skin test (CCT) have been the only approved official test for M. bovis in captive cervids. But cervid producers have pointed out [Read More]

Loss of Member








[Read More]



The Exotic Wildlife Association is celebrating its 46th anniversary as the oldest private property rights association in the country. Please join us March 8-10 at our new location in San Marcos, Texas at the Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center. [Read More]

Executive Director of EWA is outraged

To all EWA members: I ask each of you to watch this 21 minute video and see if it does not give you the same disgusting feeling as many have had after watching what our government is doing to fellow Americans.  These are not hardened criminals but legitimate businesses all across America.  In all my years in law enforcement these tactics were only used on the most dangerous of criminal targets. [Read More]

EWA News


25% Discount on annual membership toThe Cavalry Group


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Dear EWA members,


Our industry faces big challenges from animal rights activists, specifically HSUS, and attacks on our private property and Constitutional rights by over reaching state and federal government agencies.


In exploring options to better protect our members, we were introduced to The Cavalry Group, a national company based in St. Louis, Missouri.  The Cavalry Group is a private company that was formed to be a shield against false accusations of animal abuse and the subsequent illegal search & seizure of private property.  In doing so, they also protect their members against the abuse of power and overreach of local, state, and federal agencies. [Read More]

New Year’s Auction


2013 New Year’s Auction is
FEBRUARY 22-23, 2013

5th Annual 2013 New Year’s Auction
Where: Horseshoe Bay Resort Marriott
Horseshoe Bay, Texas

When: February 22-23, 2013

Hotel Registration clickHERE

*For Hotel Registration, MUST register by February 5, 2013

Hotel Information:
Phone: 830-598-8600

Event Registration clickHERE

*For Event Registration, MUST register by February 8, 2013


Deer Breeders Corporation
210 W. Davis, Ste 106

Mesquite, TX 75149


Fax: 972-289-3103

Exotic Wildlife Association’s 46th Annual Membership Meeting

Exotic Wildlife Association’s 46th Annual Membership Meeting

March 8-9, 2013

Embassy Suites-San Marcos Hotel & Conference Center

San Marcos, Texas

Reservations: (512) 392-6450 Group Code: EWA




EWA Post

Exotic Wildlife Association

As we approach the holidays and in the aftermath of the senseless slaughter of 26 innocent lives, I, like many of you, have an overwhelming desire to cling to those that are the most important in my life. As all Americans attempt to make some sense of this carnage there is absolutely no way to ever justify the rampage and twisted mind of the young man that took the lives of so many and the innocence of many, many more.


I am tired of the old cliques and the same rhetoric that is used in every violent event. There are those who will use this as a platform for more gun control, those who will blame the schools for not having enough security in place, those who blame the violent video games that consume vast amounts of time of a multitude of young and old in this country and those who blame the parents of the shooter for not recognizing a troubled son.


It is time for all of America to stop the blame game and take responsibility for our own actions. We have to realize that life is not as simple as it once was and that we have drifted away from the morals and ideology that made this country great. We have placed political correctness and the lust for pleasure ahead of what is really important. We have a society that has become calloused to violence.


This country has to return to its founding beliefs and ideologies; place God, family and country ahead of anything else. Take the time during this holiday season to reflect on what is really important in your life and remember everything else is just superfluous  fluff.



Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

to all of our members

from the staff of the Exotic Wildlife Association


The EWA office will be closed December 24th – January 1st, 2013.

We will re-open at 8:00 a.m. on January 2nd, 2013.

Former EWA Board Member Louis Datel passes away

Exotic Wildlife Association
Membership Alert

Former EWA Board Member Louis Datel passes away

LAFAYETTE – A Celebration of Life and gathering of family and friends was held on Monday, December 10, 2012 at 7:00 PM in Lafayette, LA for Louis Otto Datel, 78, who died on Thursday, December 6, 2012.

He leaves to cherish his memory, his beloved wife, Priscilla Comeaux Datel of Lafayette, LA; two daughters, Dianne McClelland and her husband, Jeff of Youngsville, LA and Donna Whitmore of Aspen, CO; five grandchildren, Amy McClelland Stakes and her husband, Brady, Jacob McClelland, Garrett McClelland, Jerome Flynn and Lucas Flynn; three great grandchildren, Bennett Stakes, Bowen Stakes and Madagan Flynn; and three sisters, Louise Adams and her husband, Lynn of Dayton, TX, Julia Ripkowski and her husband, Buster of Dayton, TX and Mary Mayfield and her husband, Rex of Kilgore, TX.

He was preceded in death by his parents, Frank and Sophie Davada Datel.

Louis Otto Datel was born on January 22, 1934 in Dayton, Texas and was a resident of Lafayette, Louisiana for most of his life. He was a graduate of Texas A & M earning a degree in Petroleum Engineering and a member of the football team. He was also an active contributor and member of several A & M Alumni Associations. Following his graduation, Mr. Datel worked as an independent directional driller before opening his own business in Houston and Lafayette. Mr. Datel owned and operated Datel Tool Company, which serviced the oilfield industry for over 30 years. He co-wrote a book on directional drilling and also lectured in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He was an animal lover which brought about his passion for deer, opening the Datel deer farm in Lafayette, which housed over 200 exotic breeds of deer that he considered his pets. Louis joined the Exotic Wildlife Association in 1996 and was also past President of the Lafayette Whitetail Deer Association. Mr. Datel loved traveling, and spent years traveling to many different countries learning their unique cultures. He was a loving husband, father, grandfather, great grandfather, brother and friend and will be dearly missed by all.

In lieu of flowers donations may be made in Mr. Datel’s name to the Texas A & M Foundation, 401 George Bush Drive, College Station, Texas 77840

View the obituary and guestbook online at

Comment on proposed CWD changes for Texas


Exotic Wildlife Association
Membership Alert


Attention All EWA Members


Your Comments Must be Submitted to the Texas Animal Health Commission by Monday, Nov. 26, 2012


RE:  Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC) Chronic Wasting Disease rule. The below proposed rule change by TAHC was written to meet the requirements for interstate movement of susceptible species of whitetail, mule deer, Sika, Red Deer and moose as set out in the new Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) federal rule. The comment period is open until November 26, 2012.


Below are links to the proposed rules which are now open for public comment at the email format link provided below. There is also a copy of the actual rule proposal and information explaining the rule at the links given below. It is imperative that you make every effort to post your written opinion on these proposed changes as TAHC is depending upon YOUR INPUT prior to their final adoption of these regulations. Please make your comments specific to the rule proposed. Comments may also be mailed to the Commission at the following address:


Comments Texas Animal Health Commission P.O. Box 12966 Austin, Texas 78711-2966




Go to middle of page (“Rules proposed at the September 18, 2012 Commission Meeting”). Click on “Comments” (or on links given below).  Submit your comment in the email format provided, and click on ‘send.’


Rules proposed at the September 18, 2012 Commission meeting

Chapter 40, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) – Proposed changes to current CWD requirements and add new ED Declaration of CWD Movement Restriction Zone section View proposal       Comment


Or you may submit comments by fax at (512) 719-0721. Comments need to be received no later than Nov. 26, 2012.


Below are EWA’s recommendations for responses which you may want to submit in your own words.


Specifically proposed:

  • The TAHC rule as proposed requires a hands-on herd inventory of breeder deer every three years. This means that anyone participating in interstate commerce would be required to have their accredited veterinarian or animal health inspector personally inspect each animal contained in their inventory every three years.
    • The Exotic Wildlife Association (EWA) recommends that you post your public comments on record as opposing this. (EWA does support annual herd inventory reconciliation.)
  • The TAHC rule as proposed would require that deer breeder permit-holders test 100 percent of all deaths for CWD of animals that are 12 months of age or older. Currently the requirement is 16 months.
    • EWA recommends that you oppose the proposed testing change of animals that are 12 months of age instead of the current 16 months of age. The death loss at 12 months will likely be higher because of natural mortality in this age group (few CWD cases have been found in this age group). Changing the age of testing will create an additional monetary hardship on breeders.
  • The TAHC rule allows wildlife agencies to transport CWD susceptible species across state lines with only approval from the state veterinarian for the state of origin and the state veterinarian of the receiving state. Disease protocol that is required of CWD susceptible cervid producers for interstate commerce does not have to be followed by the wildlife agencies.
    • EWA recommends that you oppose this section of the rule as discriminatory. All Interstate movement of CWD susceptible species should follow the same protocol.


It is important for all of our members to comment even if you are not involved or participate in intrastate commerce because this is setting the stage for the intrastate rule that will come in the next couple of months.


For additional information, contact Charly Seale at:


Thank you for your help on this most important matter.

Charly Seale

Executive Director

Exotic Wildlife Association

EHD hits deer hard

Exotic Wildlife Association
Membership Alert

This year has been an extremely devastating year for whitetail and mule deer, both behind the fence and in the wild, from EHD. Michigan reported more than 13,000 dead deer from EHD and yet the wildlife agencies continue to spread half-truths and out and out lies concerning the devastating effects of Chronic Wasting Disease. The general public who believes everything the wildlife agencies report and really do not know any better, naturally only believe what they have been told.  The cervid industry has done a very poor job educating and getting the true facts to the general public.  CWD has never and will never have the devastating effect on the deer herds that EHD has.  Never has there been a town hall meeting held to calm the public’s fear of EHD; let a case of CWD be found for the first time in a state and some wildlife agencies will do their best to create a panic among the general public. Have the wildlife agencies found this agricultural industry’s Achilles heel, using CWD, to turn the general public against the captive cervid industry? Michigan is only one of many states throughout this country whose deer herds have been decimated this year by EHD.



Michigan DNR cuts antlerless permits in areas hit hard by EHD


Posted on November 9, 2012



An epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD)-infected, deceased deer is removed from a lake in Van Buren County. Residents who find a dead deer that they suspect has died from EHD are asked to call the nearest DNR office and report it.


Most Michigan deer hunters are well aware that epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD) has reared its ugly head at historic levels in Michigan this year. A viral disease that it transmitted by the bite of a fly called a midge, EHD causes deer to die from internal bleeding. It has been found in 30 counties in Michigan this year, mostly in the southern third of the state, though it has been documented in Clare and Osceola counties and is suspected as far north as Presque Isle and Benzie counties. This is the largest, most widespread outbreak of the disease in Michigan history. First described in Michigan in 1955, EHD wasn’t seen again until 1974 and then not again until after the turn of the century. Since 2006, however, it has occurred at some level every year except 2007.


EHD is widespread across the Midwest this year, something that is thought to have been caused by last winter’s unusually mild weather as well as this year’s drought. The tiny flies (about one-tenth of an inch in length) that carry EHD typically breed in mud flats, and this summer’s drought has expanded areas where midges of the genus Culicoides can reproduce. In most years, those mud flats would be underwater.


“Other states around us – Indiana, Illinois and Ohio – have seen this more frequently, and some of them have it from one end of the state to the other,” explained Brent Rudolph, the deer and elk program leader for the Department of Natural Resources. “In Michigan, it’s been mostly restricted to the southern third of the state, though we’ve had a couple of cases that bounced up above the line.”


Rudolph said that states from South Dakota to Kansas have reported more widespread mortality this year than ever before. Deer with EHD suffer from high fevers and head toward water to seek relief. Their bodies are often found in or near ponds, rivers or creeks. EHD tends to be highly localized; in some cases the disease causes large die-offs in part of a township while areas just a few miles away show no sign of the disease.


Often referred to by hunters as “blue tongue” – a similar, though different disease – EHD shows up in the herd in the summer months, after regulations have been developed for the upcoming hunting season.


The DNR has no estimate of total EHD mortality, though it has had more than 13,000 dead deer reported.


Rudolph said that EHD has never caused widespread or long-term impacts to deer populations, though local effects can be significant and can last for a few years.

“Until this year, we’ve never seen enough EHD in Michigan to cause population declines at a broad scale, but the southwestern corner of the state – Cass and St. Joseph counties – has had EHD a couple of years in a row, in 2010 and 2011, and now again this year,” he said.


Because of this trend, DNR Director Keith Creagh today signed an emergency order that decreases antlerless license purchase limits for deer management units (DMUs) where the most EHD-related die-offs have occurred. Director Creagh signed the order at the regular monthly meeting of the Natural Resources Commission.


Effective immediately, the purchase limit for DMU 486 is five private land antlerless deer hunting licenses per hunter. Also effective immediately, the public antlerless license purchase limit per hunter is two for each of the following DMUs: 012 (Branch), 034 (Ionia), 039 (Kalamazoo), 041 (Kent), 044 (Lapeer), 076 (Sanilac), 078 (Shiawassee), 079 (Tuscola) and 080 (Van Buren).


Individuals who purchased antlerless licenses prior to this emergency order are not required to return licenses. This order only applies to antlerless licenses purchased on or after Nov. 8, 2012.


“We’re encouraging hunters to use their best judgment,” Rudolph said. “If a hunter is in an area of an outbreak, backing off – or not taking an antlerless deer at all – is an appropriate thing to do.”


From the information that was received from numerous volunteers, a weekly EHD map has been compiled, which may help aid hunters with their harvest decisions. The map and other EHD information including how hunters can report sighting of deer can be found at (under Current Issues).

Wolf Hunts Under Attack – Help SCI Save Hunting

Save Wyoming’s Wolf Hunt! Donate Now!

Yesterday, Defenders of Wildlife announced that it had filed yet another lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Defenders’ lawsuit attacks the scientific delisting of Wyoming’s wolf population.  Defenders’ suit is not about conservation or science; it is about stopping Wyoming’s wolf hunt. Defenders has asked all of its members to support their lawsuit and to make an “emergency gift” to help Defenders’ efforts to protect wolves and stop the hunt. [Read More]

Deer Breeders Corp – Special Offer for Members

2012 Logo

A special offer just for MEMBERS!

Dear Members,

With MLD and bow season upon us, I’m thrilled to be the proud owner of a new Nature Blind TreeBlind! They’ve put together a special pricing package for our DBC membership and I urge you to take advantage of this innovative new product.  Wheelchair accessible versions are available; perfect for any level hunter especially our valued Wounded Warriors. Please support this amazing company and their Texas hand-made blinds as they support us. 30 blinds have been reserved for DBC members to be delivered in early November. They will sell out this year so don’t wait!


Thanks, Robert

Dear DBC Members, As a fellow member and supporter of the rights of property owners it gives me great pride in announcing a special agreement Nature Blinds has allowed me to offer you.  Please call and ask for Jason and the DBC special and I can get you the blinds at our lowest possible cost, AND we’ll deliver to your ranch for free, AND we will donate $150.00 back to DBC for each blind.

Can’t wait to hear from ya’ll,


Jason Maroney

Nature Blinds, LLC 2800 Blacksmith Ln. Kerrville, TX 78028 Tel/Fax: 830-428-0807

Deer Breeders Corporation

210 W. Davis, Ste 106

Mesquite, TX 75149


Fax: 972-289-3103

ADWA Announces Award Winners – Circle H Ranch wins Exotic Breeder of the Year

ADWA Announces Winners for New W.I.L.D. Awards

AUSTIN, Texas — The American Deer & Wildlife Alliance® (ADWA) is proud to announce the winners of its 2011 Wildlife Industry, Leadership & Development (W.I.L.D.) Awards. The ADWA is a non-profit organization working to promote the deer and wildlife industry and the W.I.L.D. Awards help spotlight the people, businesses and products that have made a significant, positive impact.
“The spirit of the W.I.L.D. Awards is to recognize leading innovative approaches in products and to acknowledge the leadership of individuals in growing our industry,” says John Meng, president of the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance. “By showcasing dedicated stewards within our industry and the most innovative products, the W.I.L.D. Awards will promote the industry and help preserve our American outdoor traditions for future generations.”The 2011 W.I.L.D. Award winners with their respective categories are: [Read More]

ADWA – Myths about CWD

ADWA Announces New Campaign to Dispel Myths on CWD

The American Deer & Wildlife Alliance® (ADWA) is proud to announce plans for a new informational campaign to provide sportsmen with the truth about Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) and dispel the myths surrounding the disease. The new public service campaign will include PSA ads for print, Internet, billboards, video spots, and a new website —
“In the recent demonization of the deer industry, some hunting organizations and wildlife professionals have intentionally incited fear among hunters about CWD. They have even suggested that a state’s entire deer herd could be wiped out from a massive contagion of CWD,” says ADWA President John Meng. “This type of incendiary rhetoric is blatantly false and is closing down wildlife commerce and ultimately shutting off opportunities for hunters.” [Read More]

TDA – Article about venomous snakes

Do Not Disturb – Beware of Snakes

By Clint Pustejovsky

Venom—just the word makes you shiver and think “danger.” Venomous snakes are found in every county in Texas, but they are not the threat that most people believe they are. Out of the 15 species of venomous snakes found in Texas, none will strike or bite unless disturbed (whether accidentally or not), provoked or intentionally handled.

Venomous snakes have venom to immobilize their prey and begin the digestive process before swallowing their food.  Once the animal or prey is injected with venom (we’ll use a mouse for illustrative purposes), it will begin to lose control of its ability to move. This can happen rapidly, depending on the type of venom, volume of venom injected, depth of fangs and if any venom entered a major artery. One mouse may only take a few steps and fall over, just kicking its legs and never moving again. Another one may hop and run around, making the snake follow its trail. [Read More]

Thank you from EWA

Exotic Wildlife Association
Membership Alert

The Legislative/National Public Relations Fundraiser was a tremendous success and on behalf of the EWA Board of Directors and staff we send our thanks to all of those that attended this event. We would also like to thank all of the generous donors, sponsors and buyers who helped us reach our goal.

No other agriculture industry in the country is more regulated than the breeders and producers of wildlife. 80% of the people in this country, however, are not opposed to what we do they just don’t understand what we do. Our industry has also had a history of being re-active and not pro-active and we are changing that approach. [Read More]