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Do you have any hoofstock animals your looking to sell?

We have barn space right now for those of you looking to sell your hoofstock animals.  Give us a call at 210-807-4247.

1.0 Sable Bull –

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Deer Breeders Corp. (Correction – closed on 29th and not the 26th)

Happy Memorial Day
The DBC Board of Directors and Staff hope that you have a happy and safe Memorial Day! 
The DBC Office will be closed on Monday the 26th.
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Fauna Research

“TAMER” The most Trusted Name In Animal Restraint

Fauna Research Inc. has been designing and building animal restraint equipment, including the TAMER series of equipment and portable management pens, box traps, and corral traps, since 1984. The TAMER series of equipment will help you manage your exotic herds of hoofstock and help you get the most out of your management and breeding programs while saving you money. The TAMER offers a chemical free system for humanely managing and restraining hoof stock for health maintenance, shipping and testing, while  providing safer working conditions for handlers and keepers. Portable corral traps and box traps are designed for capturing most hoofstock and are especially effective for trapping deer and antelope.

We design the hard to find handling equipment for non-domestic hoofstock. Let us know the animal you are working with and we will work with you to answer all

Summer Ad Deadline

Summer Ad Deadline
The advertising deadline for the Summer magazine/auction catalog is Friday, June 2ndClick the button below to view the Ad Contract.Click here for the Ad Contract

Important Deadlines
Quality Whitetail Deer Auction Consignment DeadlineMonday, June 5thClick here for the Consignment Form!

Grand Auction Lot Donation Catalog Deadline Monday, June 12th

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Convention Program Ad Deadline Friday, June 16thClick here for the Ad Contract

DBC Wildlife Scholarship Entry Deadline Thursday, June 15th

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0.1 Yearling Grant Zebra

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100% Donation from this auction to victims of the panhandle fire!!! Arabian Oryx Bull! Auctions ends today at 1:00 p.m. Please reach out and help support the devastation left behind by the fire!

Join The Texas Deer Association

Join The Texas Deer Association

The Texas Deer Association is the leading advocate when it comes to issues facing the whitetail and mule deer populations throughout the state of Texas and beyond. Constantly engaged with regulatory agencies at all levels, TDA is abreast of the constantly changing environment we live in and attentive to the sensitive issues that affect our passion for the outdoors. Whether a lease hunter, a large landowner, a deer breeder, or just a deer enthusiast, TDA’s main purpose is to ensure the future of our rights to manage, grow, and pursue whitetail and mule deer. Working with like-minded groups and individuals, TDA is able to preserve our hunting heritage, property rights, and passion for managing and growing big deer. If you share our passion, join us today to make a difference.

Experience the Benefits of Our Annual Membership
E-Member – Free
$5 coupon redeemable at the TDA store; decal featuring our new Golden Antler Logo, TINES Email Newsletter.
Hunter Member – $50
$10 coupon redeemable at TDA store; weekly TDA emails, TINES Email Newsletter, Online TRACKS magazine.
Active Member – $100
Members will receive a $20 coupon redeemable at TDA store, weekly TDA emails, TINES Email Newsletter, Bi-Monthly TRACKS magazine, Winter Auction Catalog, Spring Auction Catalog, Convention Catalog, and Membership.
Corporate Member – $500
$100 coupon redeemable at TDA store; weekly TDA emails, TINES Email Newsletter, Bi-Monthly TRACKS magazine; Winter Auction Catalog, Spring Auction Catalog, Convention Catalog, and Membership Directory. Up to 5 people included in this package.
Sustaining Member (Lifetime) – $2500
$150 coupon redeemable at TDA store; weekly TDA emails, TINES Email Newsletter, Bi-Monthly TRACKS magazine; Winter Auction Catalog, Spring Auction Catalog, Convention Catalog, and Membership Directory. Individual personalization of your choice of selected items at the TDA store. *Please call the TDA Office to discuss this option.
In joining the TDA, your annual payment authorization will remain in effect unless you notify the TDA, in writing or by email (at least 30 days prior to the next annual billing date of any changes to your account information or your account termination). Thank you.

Terms and Conditions

Female Wildebeest up for auction!

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WOW!!!! Get logged in to Wildlifebuyer right now! Over 40 auctions ending today!

WOW!!!! Get logged in to Wildlifebuyer right now! Over 40 auctions ending today!
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We have some outstanding auctions closing today at 1 pm! Yes you read it right….. We have 40 auctions ending! Get logged in and check it out!!!! Wildlifebuyer is the #1 online auction site to buy and sell animals!

Be sure to check out the gorgeous Axis Bucks!

If you have questions selling or buying on Wildlifebuyer be sure to call the office and talk to one of our helpful associates!

Have a wonderful week!

~WLB Staff

1.0 RED SHEEP……BUY NOW!!! NO WAITING!!! $2,450.00

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1.0 RED SHEEP…..BUY NOW!!!   NO WAITING!!!   $2,450.00

Come Celebrate EWA’s 50th!

Exotic Wildlife Association
“Promoting Conservation through Commerce”
Come Celebrate EWA’s 50th! 
Save the Date!




Please mark you calendars and save the date for the Exotic Wildlife Association’s celebration of 50 years promoting conservation through commerce.  Join your friends and fellow exotic and whitetail breeders March 2-5, 2017 at the YO Ranch Resort Hotel and Conference Center for a tremendous weekend full of great and entertaining activities.
For those who have always wanted to take the License to Carry course your association will offer this course for our members on Thursday, March 2beginning at 9:00 a.m. In Kerrville. The cost of the course is $80.00 dollars and will be limited to the first 100 registrants. All you need is your weapon, holster and 50 rounds of ammunition for the qualification course.
The membership meeting packets will be arriving in your mailbox next week so take advantage of the early bird registration price.
For more information on the annual membership meeting, the License to Carry course, sponsorship opportunities or to reserve a booth, contact the EWA office at 830-367-7761.




Exotic Wildlife Association
Charly Seale, Executive Director

105 Henderson Branch Rd., West
Ingram, Texas 78025

Useful Websites!

1.0 Axis in velvet

Check out our auction site,!

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Check out these websites!

Check out these websites to get information on our auction, pricing and much more!


777 Ranch main hunting lodge
777 Ranch main hunting lodge
777 Ranch main hunting lodge

Circle H Ranch & Lodge is one of the most unique places in the Texas Hill Country. If you are looking to have an unforgettable vacation in the Frio Canyon, or wanting to purchase exotic Deer, Antelope, or Sheep for your ranch, Circle H is the right place for you. Started as a Harwood family getaway, Circle H Ranch has turned into one of the most respected exotic hoofstock breeding operations in the State of Texas.

CIRCLE H RANCH has long been known for its active involvement in politics as it pertains to protecting private property rights while also protecting animals from useless and harmful legislation. We are and have been involved with efforts to reintroduce animals back to their native homelands. Breeding a large variety of both super exotic and common exotic hoofstock, while dealing with surplus animals from across the country, we here at the Circle H Ranch can help anyone find almost any species. Red Deer, Blackbuck, Axis, Fallow, Mouflon as well as Kudu, Zebras, Scimitar, Bongos, Addax, Ibex, Markhor, Red Sheep, Transcaspian Urials and so many more are available. We have very strict guidelines for our breeding operation and require nothing but the best from our brokers when dealing with extra surplus from other facilities around the country. If you have an idea about what you are interested in, or don’t have any idea about what would work best for your particular location, we can help you. No order is too small or too large. We do have a surplus list from our holding facilities that we send out to a few select customers and ranches. If you would like to be added to the list we would love to have you. Please e-mail us and tell us to add your e-mail to our surplus animal inventory list. Look through the website and see if there is anything we can help you with. Don’t hesitate to call or e-mail us about any questions you might have because we would like to help.

CIRCLE H LODGE  offers a one of a kind adventure vacation for people of all ages.  No matter the time of year, Circle H Ranch can be enjoyed by all. Explorers and relaxation enthusiasts, alike, can enjoy the changing of the leaves in the Fall and the roars of the exotic deer during mating season. Winter is perfect for campfires and star gazers or for cuddling up with a good book and hot cocoa on the enclosed sun porch or next to the fireplace. Spring is absolutely a gorgeous time to enjoy the beauty of nature at its finest. Summer of course brings fun in the sun at our pool or on the Frio. Located in the Frio Canyon, Circle H lodge is a uniquely special place for lodging, fun, and relaxation in the tranquil Texas Hill Country.  Relax on the porch or decks and soak up the panoramic views of nature at its finest. We are just minutes away from the Frio River for tubing out of Concan, Garner State Park, Utopia, and Lost Maples Natural Area.  Although you might venture out for the day to one of these other locations, most of our guests choose to spend their time relaxing at our own peaceful haven in the natural, spring-fed private pool.  Circle H Lodge is a secluded, private, and historic home which can accommodate both large groups and small parties.  The lodge is perfect for family vacations, reunions, private parties, wedding venues, or as a romantic getawayBikers, bicyclists, and car club members are welcome.

You will be absolutely amazed at the breathtaking views and variety of wildlife surrounding the lodge in a free roaming environment. You might even think you are in another country or perhaps even paradise. The stars at night will dazzle anyone who lives in the city and has forgotten just how many you can see in the country sky.   Campfire stories can be told while relaxing by the firepit as big and little kids enjoy roasting marshmallows.  The serene, refreshing water and lazy, shaded hammocks will make you forget all your worries. Fishing is available on site.  The kids will never want to stop catching tadpoles, minnows, and crawdads in the creeks and streams that surround the lodge.  Hiking is available to those wanting a little more adventureBird watcher enthusiasts will enjoy one of the best bird watching areas in the United States.

Our friendly and helpful staff is here to help you have the most unforgettable experience at the lodge, or help you with picking out the right animals for your ranch.

Thanks for visiting.  Please let us know if you need any other information or need help booking your reservation with us.

Meet our Team
Circle H Ranch Team Circle H Ranch Team Circle H Ranch Team Circle H Ranch Team
John Harwood
Jen Harwood
Operations Manager
Nina Maguire
Office Manager
Lori Shackelford
Circle H Ranch Team Circle H Ranch Team Circle H Ranch Team
J.R. Vasquez
Ranch Foreman
Call Office
Jake Woodard
Ranch and Deliveries
Call Office
Mike Wiersing
Ranch Maintenance
Call Office


777 Ranch main hunting lodge
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9th Annual New Year’s Deer Auction
January 20-21, 2017
Horseshoe Bay Resort
Horseshoe Bay, Texas
The 9th Annual New Year’s Auction is just around the corner! Remember to Book your Hotel Rooms and Register for the free event! 
For those unable to book online call the hotel
Sponsorship Opportunities and Booths Space still available! 
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1.0 KUDU

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