Newborn miniature shetland foal gets friendly with young children!


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Squirrel removes child’s loose tooth……


ever there was an embarrassing dad story for the record books, this just might be it. As kids growing up, many of us had to deal with dear old dad’s ideas for getting rid of loose teeth. Some of those ideas may have seemed outlandish at the time, but then this dad comes along and uses a squirrel to get the job done.

Setting out to achieve what he dubs an internet first, David Freiheit of Montreal places his camera near a park bench where his daughter takes a seat. The plan is to take advantage of local wildlife by putting them on the tooth removal payroll. In order to accomplish this, he pays one lucky squirrel in granola for the service of yanking a loose tooth out of his daughter’s mouth.

Squirrel Tooth Removal 2 6-27-16

Since granola is a hit amongst squirrels, it doesn’t take long for a fuzzy fella to step up to the plate. The granola, tied to the tooth via a length of floss, was then seized by the scurrying squirrel and along with it went the tooth. Some quick recovery was performed and just like that, the Tooth Fairy had somewhere to be that night.

When all is said and done, the squirrel goes back to business as usual. Father and daughter chuckle together as they examine the tooth and bask in their success. Squirrel dentistry for the win!

Blue Indigo Snake Dining On a Diamondback Rattlesnake

Otters Holding Hands

Hunters First Buck

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Lion Vs. Mongoose

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Video: Large Elk Crossing with Surprise Ending

Daniel Xu – April 7, 2014

A video of Bison leaving Yellowstone National Park drew some inquisitive comments recently, when viewers were surprised by the herd’s adherence to traffic laws. In this video, elk prove themselves quite different. Reportedly filmed near Montana’s section of the park, these elk halted traffic—light as it was—during a routine crossing. As mesmerizing as this river of elk may be, the video does have a surprise (but ultimately happy) ending.

Image screenshot of video by Austin Stonnell on YouTube

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Video: Bowhunter Takes Shot on Massive Brown Bear

Daniel Xu – April 4, 2014

In the video below, hunter Juan Garcia and guide Sam Fejes travel to Kodiak Island, Alaska to pursue some of the biggest brown bears in the world. While Fejes calls the bear in, Garcia lets the massive animal get within 12 feet of the duo. Then, on a signal from Fejes, the hunter lets loose an arrow and takes what is expected to be the number-two Alaskan brown bear on the Pope and Young Club records.

Garcia was using a PSE Omen Max.

Image screenshot of video by JakeLatendresse on YouTube

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Video: Bird Baits Fish with Bread

OUTDOOR HUB – Daniel Xu – April 2, 2014

In the bird world, green herons are the masters of tool use. Many birds are experts at catching fish, but only a few employ the humanlike tactics of the green heron. These small birds are among the handful of animals capable of using tools. Taking a piece of bread, insects, or even its own feathers, the green heron will patiently bait small fish into nearing shore. Green herons will even frequent popular bird feeding locations to find their bait.

The behavior is remarkable because the bird forsakes a more immediate food source—the bread and insects—for a larger payoff in the form of fresh fish.

You can watch a video of one green heron at work below:

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Video: Can You Spot the Mountain Lion?

OUTDOOR HUB – Daniel Xu – March 28, 2014

They might not be as large or as social, but mountain lions hunt much like their African cousins. North America’s largest wild cat is a canny predator and stealthy to boot. In the below video, M2D Camo’s Eric Martin calls in a mountain lion. On the first viewing, it might not be apparent that the cat was actually in frame for the majority of the video. If you’re sharp-eyed enough, you can see the mountain lion actually moving into position in the early few seconds of the footage.

How the confused cat acts when greeted with a decoy is interesting as well.

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Colorado school takes students to gun range (VIDEO)

The Next Generation in Gun Safety

The Libertarian Republic • Posted by Faith Braverman • 23 Mar 2014

student-shootingPUEBLO COUNTY, CO– Believe it or not, there was a time in our nation’s history when the headline of this article would have done little to stir controversy. Gun safety and training in public schools was considered standard in the first half of the twentieth century.

In 1975, New York state had over 80 school districts with rifle teams, and few school shootings before 1989 involved more than two victims. As gun paranoia grew, so did the atmosphere surrounding these gun clubs. By 1999, gun clubs in New York went down to just 26, and the riflery championship was terminated.

School officials in Pueblo County, Colorado decided it was time to reverse the trend. After learning about the Revolutionary War in their classrooms, the students were treated to a field trip led by Project Appleseed, a nonprofit group that teaches American history and marksman ship, and is a product of The Revolutionary War Veterans Association. The youngsters were educated on proper gun safety and how to handle a firearm, and all of them were allowed to shoot at the range with live ammunition.

“We’ve never been allowed to bring actual real firearms into a school. Until this week. This is a very big deal. We had them touching fire arms, holding them and learning about how to handle them safely,” Appleseed Instructor Elizabeth Blackwood told KRDO.

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All Caught Up In The Excitement of Hunting Alaskan Black Bear


Video: Elk Herd Goes for a Swim

Daniel Xu – March 13, 2014

It seems that humans aren’t the only ones that enjoy a day out on the beach: elk do too. In the below video, several dozen elk gallop through the waters of Oregon coast while a photographer looks on. Whatever their reason is for hitting the water, the elk do look like they’re having fun.
Believe it or not, elk are strong swimmers.

Wildlife officials say that even calves can swim up to one mile.

North Carolina Hunter Bags Huge Hog

Daniel Xu | March 13, 2014


Jett Webb with his massive wild hog.
Image screenshot of video on

One Conetoe, North Carolina hunter is being lauded as a bit of a celebrity after harvesting a wild pig upwards of 500 pounds in Bertie County. According to WITN, Jett Webb, 34, took the large animal on February 28 with an AR-15 rifle chambered in .308.

“Clean kill, dropped him, stoned him right in his tracks,” Webb recalled.

The hunter and his companions loaded the seven-foot-long pig onto a 4×4 and took it to the White Oak Ranch Hunting Club for the weigh-in. The club’s certified scales only went up to 500 pounds, which the pig maxed out. Club president Michael Mansell told the North Carolina Sportsman that the hog likely weighed much more.

“He pegged the maximum weight capacity of the certified scales with his head and shoulders still on the skinning shed floor,” Mansell said. “It was a true beast!”

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