2.4 Axis in 4 Lots

7c418bb72D162f2D4c212D84922D69a7c03eb933DSC064449e7dc15f2Deb162D4dc32Da62f2D3e9c1f915ff1DSC0643776ed8de32D7d7c2D49f62D80322Dc6f03a01aa5aDSC06450e5ee1d832D830f2D4ec52Dbcd92D1b1f342caa82DSC064294 Assorted lots of Axis.  Does are mature, exposed and a little rough around the edges.  The large buck has a busted lip but really nice antlers.  These orphans are looking for a little TLC on their new forever ranch.  Barn ready in Leakey, Texas or call office to arrange delivery. Please bid at www.wildlifebuyer.com