Blue Neck Ostrich Pair


1.1 Blue Neck Ostrich Pair

This is a PRE-ORDER for a pair of beautiful Blue Neck Ostrich. This Ostrich pair will be guaranteed healthy and DNA tested. You will be getting a perfect 1.1 pair of the large preferred Blue Neck Ostrich from some of the top bloodlines in the USA. The Blue Necks are the large birds reaching 9′ tall. These are NOT Blacks or Black crosses. These are the Ostrich breeders are looking for meat and hide production.

Our Ostrich pairs are 3 WEEKS old and we are taking orders now. We will let them go at age 3 MONTHS when the highest risk of mortality is over. You can take them now but at your own risk. Young chicks are very delicate so we strongly suggest you wait until they are 3 MONTHS old. WildLifeBuyer will hold your payment until you take delivery. If for any reason we cannot deliver as promised, you will receive a full refund. (We may also be selling single males and single females. Please inquire if interested.)

The picture is of the actual Ostrich for sale. NOT a stock photo. Our Ostrich are interacted with daily and raised on top quality food and vitamins and hatched from the top bloodlines.

Bid now on these beautiful birds. If you have been watching the markets you know Ostrich demand is on the increase again and ranches cannot keep up with meat demand.

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