Is It Wrong to Want to Defend Yourself and Your Children?

As a law abiding citizen, isn’t it my Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms?  Aren’t I allowed to carry my gun with me in my car while traveling across counties for my own protection with or without a concealed carry license?  I know the answer is yes, in Texas, anyway.  So what in the world is wrong with the states whose laws differ on this point?  I’m not sure if anyone is following the Shaneen Allen case, but I feel for her, especially because her situation could be any of us who carry guns.  Shaneen Allen is a mother who works multiple jobs to provide for her family.  She legally conceal carries for protection in her car.  Recently, she crossed state lines with her gun and was arrested for breaking New Jersey’s law on the right to carry.  When asked if she was carrying, Shaneen was completely honest to the officer which in turn got her arrested.  Although her lawyer has proven that Shaneen had no criminal intent or criminal record and simply unknowingly made a mistake by crossing over into the New Jersey tax jurisdiction with her gun,  she is still facing jail time!!! This is LUDACRIS!  How can anyone think it’s right to jail an honest, law abiding citizen who simply wanted to protect herself and children?