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To all EWA members: Please read the below letter from Steve Munz.  There was a plea for help from some deer, elk and sika breeders to help keep the borders of Florida open to the importation of CWD susceptible species provided they came from CWD certified herds.  The Florida Game Commission and some breeders want to close the borders and are using CWD as the mechanism to do that.  This is nothing more than an economic ploy on the part of some in Florida to drive up the prices of the animals.  My wife and I testified in the last public hearing held in Florida as did several other EWA members and producers.  The decision to close their borders was delayed until further public comment could be held in September.  We will be there once again to testify on behalf of some of our EWA members who are against the border closing.


Whether you ship animals to Florida is really not the question.  This is a private property rights issue and states around the country such as New York and Missouri are attempting to close their border as well. Louisiana has already closed theirs and they are using CWD as the mechanism to violate these rights.  Please support our folks in Florida and show your support by sending an email to Steve Munz and tell the Florida Game Commission no to their attempt to close the Florida border to free trade.

My name is Steve Munz 
I am trying my hardest to keep the borders open here
in Florida. I ask you and your followers to send me an email to keep the
free trade alive in whitetail deer. We have a good chance, and we can set
the standards to keep open borders…… our meeting is sept 6th with the
wildlife commission . My email is galaxysteve@msn.com

Charly Seale

Executive Director

Exotic Wildlife Association