Magpul Announces Move to Texas and Wyoming

Matt Korovesis | January 2, 2014


Popular firearms manufacturer Magpul Industries punctuated the announcement of their move to Texas and Wyoming with this cover image on their Facebook page.
Image from Magpul on Facebook

High-profile firearms accessory manufacturer Magpul Industries announced today that they will be relocating their company from Colorado to Texas and Wyoming.

The company will be moving its manufacturing, distribution, and shipping activities to Cheyenne, Wyoming, and its corporate headquarters to one of three locations in North Central Texas. Magpul’s Wyoming operations will temporarily be housed in a leased 58,000-square foot facility pending the completion of a 100,000-square foot complex in the Equality State’s capital. The company’s headquarters will be moved once a final decision is made on a Texas location.

Magpul’s press release announcing the move highlighted the support of each state’s respective governor and local economic development organizations in facilitating the migrations, and stressed that supplies of the company’s popular products would not be affected.

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