Major Victory for Cervid Industry on Brucellosis Testing Requirements

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October 23, 2013

Major Victory for Cervid Industry on Brucellosis Testing Requirements
USAHA Resolution Adopted to Urge USDA & States to Eliminate Brucellosis Requirements for Whitetail
Deer & Mule Deer


SAN DIEGO- During the final day of the United States Animal Health Association conference, the cervid industry scored another major victory. A resolution was approved to urge USDA/APHIS to eliminate brucellosis testing requirements for interstate movement of whitetail deer and mule deer. If USDA/APHIS accepts this recommendation it would then be up to each state to change their testing requirements for importation.


A resolution for Brucellosis testing, which was unanimously supported in the Brucellosis Committee and then adopted by the full USAHA membership, will greatly reduce testing costs and stress for deer breeders. The resolution, which was approved by the American Cervid Alliance, at last week’s ACA meeting and was submitted on behalf of the cervid industry, sought to extend testing intervals on Brucellosis certification, for cervid herds, from 36 months to 60. Upon arrival in San Diego, there was support for eliminating the federal requirements entirely. All cervids were included in the original resolution when presented to the brucellosis committee, but elk, red deer, and reindeer, were removed from the resolution, after overwhelming objections from members of the committee. After amending the resolution, to include only whitetail and mule deer, the resolution advanced from the committee to the general membership and was unanimously approved.

The ACA will continue to update our industry concerning future changes to the Brucellosis program. The passage of the resolution is a major victory for the deer industry. Curt Waldvogel, an ACA councilman attending the conference, said, “This is tremendous for our industry and a victory, not only for our whitetail and mule deer producers, but for the welfare of the animals as well.”