Military Matters: Wounded Veterans Take Part in Special Hunt on South Texas Ranch

CORPUS CHRISTI (Kiii News) – Recently, a South Texas rancher did his part to show his appreciation for a few members of the military.
He invited a group of wounded veterans to his ranch which is located between Kenedy and Goliad to take part in a special hunt.
In our Military Matters report, Heather Gustafson shows us what the experience means to the veterans.
Last December, veterans from all over gathered in South Texas to celebrate wounded warriors, in a rugged way.
Shooting guns, hunting wildlife and fishing were all on the menu at the Wounded Warrior Hunt, put together by Randy Pawelek. The hunt is a 3 day trip held at Randy’s ranch near Goliad.
After getting a belly full of gumbo, the men were surprised with brand new shotguns, hunting accessories and gift cards.
“It was completely unexpected and very much overwhelming,” said one veteran.
Bain Serna, a veteran said, “these guys have been through a lot. They’ve been to hell and back and they’re on a long road a long and difficult road to recovery.”
The hunting trip this year was set up specially for wounded military men currently getting treatment at Brooks Army Medical Center in San Antonio.
The men are Hubert Gonzales, a retired sergeant from the United States Marines who was injured in combat operations in Afghanistan in March 2011.
Jeremiah Leach who was on his second deployment to Afghanistan when he was injured by an IED. Shrapnel struck him in the lower left leg shattering the bones. He later received a purple heart medal for his injuries.
Sgt. Matt Krumweide from Idaho has been in the Army for 4 years. He was in Afghanistan when he stepped on an IED. He has undergone over 40 surgeries.
A Texas Native Justin Pullin, who joined the US Army in 2005.
During his first deployment in Iraq, Justin’s tank was struck by an IED. During the blast Justin was doused with the vehicles diesel fuel and ignited. He sustained third degree burns to roughly 50% of his body.
Most of the men say they have always enjoyed hunting, and missed it when they were too injured to go.
Randy does the event with the help of donations from family and friends who live around the area.
It’s just a small thank you to them for sacrificing so much for all of us.