‘Miracle’ cow survives being carried 15 miles in flood

By Will Heilpern, for CNN
Updated 10:44 AM ET, Wed December 9, 2015

London (CNN)When an entire herd of dairy cattle was swept away by violent floods in northeast England, the cows were later found in various nearby towns, farms and fields along the River Eden — including one who ended up on a putting green at a golf course… 15 miles away.

It landed Monday at Eden Golf Club in Cumbria in the aftermath of Storm Desmond, which ravaged neighborhoods, train lines and sports fields, and caused more than 60,000 homes to lose power.

The clubhouse itself was submerged under three feet of water. So, when the club owner went out to inspect the damage to his golf course, he expected the worst.

What he found was a large dairy cow.

Deemed unsuitable for the putting buy metronidazole vag gel green, the tired beast was caught by course employee Ian Allen, who contacted the British Cattle Movement Service with its ear tag number.

He was then supplied with the cow owner’s phone number. At this point, it emerged that the cow had been transported from a field 15 miles away.

“It was a miracle,” Ian Allen, 52, told CNN.

“There wasn’t a mark on the cow. You’d have expected it to be dead.”
The heifer came from Gordon Tweedie’s dairy farm in Lazonby, also in Cumbria. They lost a heard of 45 cows during the floods. Fortunately, by the time they collected the cow from the golf course, they were only missing four, according to Allen.

CNN contacted the Tweedies, who were “too busy looking for other lost animals” to comment.