‘Mystic’ buck may be Osage County’s largest ever

Posted: Sunday, November 1, 2015 12:00 am

A fine eight-point buck walks into a clearing, a staging area at the edge of the timber deer use before they venture into the open wheat field on his leased hunting area in Osage County.

It has big antlers, but the buck has the slender physique of a 3-year-old. As he decides to let the buck walk, suddenly it looks up and over its shoulder toward the dark woods.

Shooting light is fading quickly on what is one of those magical, still evenings when the woods fade to black in silence.

For those final minutes he readies his muzzleloader for what might come. There is no time to dally.

The big eight-point walks on and he keeps an eye on it. Again it comes to a sudden stop and looks back. Stacy looks back as well and there, precisely where the big eight stood seconds ago, is the huge buck he describes as “mystic.”

“The moment when that big buck honors and moves off and looks back and he’s there. He lifts his head up and he’s just, a giant… In the past three days I’ve re-lived that moment about 500 times,” he said.

After hunting deer about 50 seasons of his 64 years, Jim Stacy shot his buck of a lifetime Wednesday evening. He was in such disbelief he called Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation game warden Larry Green to ask if he had time to give the buck a look in the morning.

Stacy is no greenhorn but he still wanted a reality check. “I guessed it would be over 200 inches but I just had to have someone like me, who knows what he’s talking about, to kind of back me up,” he said.

They did a rough, to-the-inch measurement and figured the big buck — which weighed 180 pounds field-dressed — will land somewhere between 215 to 220 inches non-typical.

That score makes it one for the record books. It will not only qualify for Boone & Crockett Club and list it neatly within the top 25 of Oklahoma’s Cy Curtis Awards, it would be the largest ever on record for productive Osage County.

The largest listed from Osage in the Cy Curtis database now is 184 inches.

Stacy said he had no clue the buck was around but said he has noticed larger deer in the area the past couple of years. He has learned to be more selective about which bucks he shoots, he said. “I don’t know if people are getting more selective like I have and are letting the younger ones grow or what, but I am noticing more bigger bucks.”

Pressed to guess, Stacy figured the buck was 6½ to 7½ years old.

The deer meat now is in a freezer and the antlers and hide are bound for a taxidermist.

“You hear of all these mystic big animals wherever you hunt,” he said. “The one the locals see that’s been around forever. You like to think when you get him he’s old and ready to die in the woods and he would be gone forever” he said.

This one will go on display — on Stacy’s wall — as an example of what Osage County can produce. “He was a unique deer that people should see,” he said.