Oregon Gov. Kate Brown: Now is not the time to talk about gun control

Washington (CNN)Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Friday that mass shootings “must end,” but added talk of gun policies should wait until after the families of Roseburg, Oregon, had time to grieve.

“It’s very clear these types of tragedies must end — not only here in Oregon, but across the country,” the Democrat told CNN’s Alisyn Camerota on “New Day.”

But when pressed if there was anything she would like to see changed in gun laws, she said those talks should come later.

“Those are conversations for the days ahead,” Brown said. “Right now I’m focused, along with Oregonians across the state, on supporting the community.”

President Barack Obama made another impassioned plea Thursday to find some way to curb mass shootings that have “become routine.” He spoke after 10 people died following gun violence at Umpqua Community College.