Predator Damage Management in Idaho


Send public comments now on new EA for predator damage management by Wildlife Services in Idaho-

USDA’s Wildlife Services in Idaho is writing a new environmental analysis (EA) on how to manage damage by predators in Idaho. It will replace all existing EAs.

According to the announcement, “Predator species involved in the majority of conflicts and damage in Idaho which will be addressed in the EA include badgers; black bears; black-billed magpies; bobcats; common ravens; coyotes; feral/free-ranging dogs and wolf-dog hybrids; grizzly bears; mountain lions; raccoons; red foxes; and striped skunks.  Other predators in Idaho that have historically caused only localized damage on an occasional basis include American crows, feral/free-ranging cats, long-tailed weasels, mink; short-tailed weasels, and spotted skunks.  Predation by wolves and fish-eating birds are addressed in separate EAs and will not be included in the new EA.” [boldface ours]

Folks frequently criticize Wildlife Services for their management activities with these animals, which many people hold near and dear. So this is a chance to respond. They write: “WS has tentatively identified alternatives for involvement in predator damage and conflict management in the state and issues which should be considered in the new EA. The agencies are seeking your input, and issues or concerns you may have regarding 1) the Idaho WS’ involvement in PDM; 2) PDM alternatives which should be considered; and 3) any other relevant information and data you believe should be considered in the analysis”

Here is a link to their complete announcement. Comments are due Jan. 15.

Wildlife Services was forced to do this EA by threat of a suit by Western Watersheds Project and three other conservation organizations. See earlier story about this.