Coyotes, dogs react to peak of lunar eclipse

The rare total lunar eclipse and “Super Blood Moon” on September 27 got many people out of their homes to look at the sky. Clouds hampered the view for some, while others had a clear look at the phenomenon.

Changes in animal behavior were noticed. In the city, dogs began barking as the eclipse reached its peak. In the pasture, the wild animal behavior also changed.

“I observed lots of deer movement just before sundown — way more than normal for this time of year, especially with all of the green food available now,” said Lone Star Outdoor News’ founder David J. Sams, who was at his hunting lease in Stonewall County. “Just as it got dark, I noticed field mice running about and raccoons moving — the moon must have had some kind of effect on animal movement.

As the eclipse reached its peak, the coyotes chimed in.

“They all started howling from several different directions,” he said.