Wolf Hunts Under Attack – Help SCI Save Hunting

Save Wyoming’s Wolf Hunt! Donate Now!

Yesterday, Defenders of Wildlife announced that it had filed yet another lawsuit against the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.  Defenders’ lawsuit attacks the scientific delisting of Wyoming’s wolf population.  Defenders’ suit is not about conservation or science; it is about stopping Wyoming’s wolf hunt. Defenders has asked all of its members to support their lawsuit and to make an “emergency gift” to help Defenders’ efforts to protect wolves and stop the hunt.

Through the years, SCI has stood up to these attacks against conservation and science, but cannot do so without your help.  Hunters must contribute their own “emergency gifts” to make sure that anti-hunting groups do not put an end to sustainable wolf management. – Will you help Safari Club? http://bit.ly/SafariClub-HDF-Donation

Sportsmen and women should join in this fight against the anti-conservation organizations like Defenders of Wildlife!

Safari Club International has gone to court in multiple lawsuits around the country to defend wolf delisting and sustainable hunting as an essential part of wolf management.  Now that Defenders has once again brought the fate of wolves to the courtroom, SCI will soon seek to join the suit to combat Defenders’ attack on hunting.  Safari Club will be front and center to protect your right to hunt and engage in sustainable use conservation of Wyoming’s wolf population.

Your help in our efforts is essential!

SCI needs your “emergency gift” of funding to help fight this battle. Don’t let the anti-hunting groups interfere with another state’s legal efforts to manage its wolf population.  Donate now to SCI’s Hunter Defense Fund and make sure that the voice of the hunter rings loud and clear in our nation’s courtrooms. Please contribute today to protect hunting for the next generation of outdoorsmen and women: http://bit.ly/SafariClub-HDF-Donation.