Keeping the hunting tradition, youth-only hunting season begins

youth_huntKETK – Teresa Sardin – Reporter/Weekend Morning Anchor

JACKSONVILLE, TEXAS (KETK) — General deer hunting season came to an end on January 5, but the season continues for the little ones.

Youth-only season begins January 6 -19 for children 16 and under.

Game Warden, Brad Clark of Texas Parks and Wildlife says, there’s a decrease in kids hunting these days.

“We got to get the kids out there hunting because it’s the next generation,” said Clark.

The Hooker family in Jacksonville is looking forward to it, they welcomed us to their where can i buy flagyl suspension home where TV and technology is not a hobby. Instead 7 year-old Braden says he loves to hunt deer, hogs, and a lot of things with his dad.

Braden showed us where he’d rather be which is outdoors, “It’s really fun I get to play with my animals,” said Braden Hooker.

“We still have those family that get out there and we still see this kids out there hunting and fishing, we love to see and would like to see more of it,” said Clark.

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