Flying with Firearms: Addressing the Gray Areas

Gun Travel Case Illustration

TSA’s worst nightmare? Not if you follow the rules and use a lockable case like this one.


Tom McHale – November 13, 2013

Whether you have to fly with a firearm for work, training, the hunt of a lifetime, or just to bring your gun with you for personal security, you need to play nice with the feds.

When I travel to states friendly with my concealed carry permit, I almost always travel with a gun. Mainly because it’s my lifestyle choice—I choose to protect my family and myself wherever we are. But there’s an additional reason I choose to tote a gun through inconvenient places like airports. It’s my right and I want to keep the system “acclimated” to dealing with people having guns. If I do my part to make sure the airline ticket counter staff and TSA see guns moving safely through our travel system, day after day, then it continues to be no big deal—as it should be. If we all succumb to the pressure of our friendly, helpful, and honest government making traveling with a firearm “too much trouble” then the “terrorists win,” so to speak.

With that said, let’s take a look at a couple of the more ambiguous questions about flying with guns.

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