Meetings set for public comment on possible mule deer, squirrel hunting regulation changes

By Conor Harrison on February 20, 2014 in Texas Hunting

TXI-8903-600x350The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is proposing expansion of mule deer hunting in several counties and extending squirrel season into February across parts of East Texas.

TPWD staff presented proposed amendments to the 2014-15 Statewide Hunting Proclamation to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission. The recommended changes include:

  • Implement an archery-only open season and 16-day general season for mule deer in Knox County, where the season is currently closed;
  • Implement a nine-day general season for mule deer in Castro, Hale, Lubbock, and Lynn counties, where the season is currently closed;
  • Clarify rules regarding utilization of antlerless mule deer permits;
  • Shorten the current year-round open season for desert bighorn sheep by one month and eliminate the requirement of a landowner affidavit for skulls and horns found in the wild;
  • Extend squirrel season in 51 East Texas counties;
  • Eliminate bag and possession limits for squirrel in 12 counties in the Blacklands Prairie;
  • Allow the take of squirrel by means of air rifles meeting minimum standards;
  • Implement rules allowing use of mobile technology by hunters to check harvested Eastern turkeys;
  • Clarify rules governing possession of firearms while hunting deer or turkey during an open archery season;

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