Monster Buck Surprise

Monster Buck Surprise Image

Jason Archer killed this massive buck shooting left-handed around a limb. (Courtesy Jason Archer)

Going for hog, hunter shocked by potential Louisiana record

By: Steve Rogers,

When Jason Archer climbed into his lock-on tree stand late in the afternoon on Nov. 9, he was hoping to kill a feral hog.

In his wildest dreams, he could not have predicted what actually happened.

Archer, 42, a millwright from Ferriday, La. killed a massive, 16-point whitetail that has been rough scored at more than 210 inches Boone and Crockett. It’s one of the largest whitetails ever taken in Louisiana, perhaps the largest.

The area around the stand had been a busy spot for hogs, but few deer had been spotted there in daylight. So when Archer called his cousin, Wayne Wilson, the land owner and his hunting partner for the afternoon, Wilson thought it was a prank.

“I called (Wilson) and I told him, ‘I think I shot a monster,’” Archer said. “He said, “What, a monster hog?” I said, ‘No, a deer!’ He said, ‘You ain’t shot no big deer.’ He thought I had done shot a hog for sure.”

His reluctance to believe was warranted, Archer said.

“We have a pretty bad hog problem around this area,” he said. “If you put out any kind of feed, they’re the first to come. I was getting a few bucks on my camera, but they were all at night. I went bow hunting several times and I never saw a deer.”

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