Nevada Wildlife Board Votes to Regulate Shed Hunting

Daniel Xu | March 24, 2014



For the first time, Nevada wildlife officials are moving forward with shed hunting regulations.
Image from Per on the flickr Creative Commons

On Saturday the Nevada Board of Wildlife Commissioners voted unanimously in favor of regulating shed hunting, or the collection of shed deer and elk antlers by hobbyists. Although the board voted against requiring Nevada shed hunters to purchase a hunting license, the commissioners did agree on prohibiting shed hunters from collecting antlers during the winter-spring period.

Shed hunting is popular with many hunters and outdoor enthusiasts. Some see it as an excuse to venture into the woods during the off-season, while others simply want to add to their collection of antlers. Many shed hunters also say it is a good way to introduce children to the outdoors. Depending on region, deer and elk shed their antlers starting in mid-January and can leave behind a treasure trove for the hunters.

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