OPPOSE HB 2748 by Rep. Lewis


Call your State Rep.

Ask them to vote NO on HB 2748 

Please contact your State Representative and ask them to

OPPOSE HB 2748 by Rep. Lewis. 

HB 2748:

*           Establishes a process to make it easier for pipeline companies to obtain the power of eminent domain.

*           Does not require pipeline companies to give proper notice of their common carrier application to affected landowners.

*           Only requires the pipeline company to publish notice of application for common carrier status for 2 consecutive weeks in a newspaper and online.

*           Does not give landowners enough time to challenge or protest a pipeline company’s application to become a common carrier, and thus gain power of eminent domain.

*           In the event of an appeal, it requires an administrative hearing to take place in Austin, rather than in your local area.

It should never be easy to condemn someone’s private property, even for public use.

All entities seeking the power of eminent domain should be open and transparent about their intended use. And, landowners should continue to have the ability to contest any entities’ attempts to gain the power of eminent domain.

Unfortunately, HB 2748 makes it easier for pipeline companies to condemn land while limiting the rights of landowners.

Please CALL YOUR STATE REP TODAY and ask them to OPPOSE HB 2748.

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