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The Legislative/National Public Relations Fundraiser was a tremendous success and on behalf of the EWA Board of Directors and staff we send our thanks to all of those that attended this event. We would also like to thank all of the generous donors, sponsors and buyers who helped us reach our goal.

No other agriculture industry in the country is more regulated than the breeders and producers of wildlife. 80% of the people in this country, however, are not opposed to what we do they just don’t understand what we do. Our industry has also had a history of being re-active and not pro-active and we are changing that approach.

Because of your generous support we were able to raise over $130,000.00 that will assist in our ongoing battle with the animal rights activists and our own wildlife agencies that are more than committed to putting our members and industry out of business.

Once again the funds raised will insure our fight will continue for several more months to come.

Again on behalf of the EWA Board of Directors and staff we thank you for your continued support!!


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