We are updating this site from the ground up to give everyone in the wildlife community a place to come and have a free exchange of ideas. You can comment on almost all aspects of the site including articles, videos, posts, and other user comments. It is our belief here at E.C. that we all have the knowledge and experience to share with one another to make this whole wildlife community a better and stronger place if we come together and form an alliance of every segment within this great and vast wildlife industry. Together we can make our voices and experiences shine above the rederick of the animal rights organizations whose sole purpose is to put us out of business. We are the champions of this industry and we will make that known, and shine a light on those who oppose, or try to damage, this great group of people of which I’m proud to call my friends. Please send me anything you feel is important to us, or simply something you find entertaining. Thank you so much for your time and for visiting the site.

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