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* NEWS: News and information presented like you need it for your operation.  Get industry updates and breaking news from associations and government agencies.

* VIDEO: Watch videos about topics that are important or humorous in our industry.

* DISCUSSION: Comment on articles or videos to begin a discussion about them for others. Let your voice be heard!!

* MEDIA: Read the exotic classifieds blog or listen to podcast about our industry and the successes, or challenges, we face today.

* WEB DESIGN AND HOSTING: Get a website designed and hosted by us for one low flat rate.  No hourly fees or hidden costs. $285/year! That’s it! The competition will be hard pressed to beat us.

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* WILDLIFE: Search for exotic deer and antelope by species to buy, sell, or hunt.

* COMMUNITY: An Exotic Classifieds community where you can ask and answer questions for each other, while also getting expert advice from industry leaders.