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Animal Cruelty
HB 1357 by Moody includes animal cruelty as definition of family violence and increases the criminal penalty for it. – it was left pending in committee.
Eminent Domain Bills
SB 626 by Schwertner et all, requires that the entity acquiring a property by eminent domain makes a separate bona fide offer for the rest of the property if the entity wants to acquire additional property that is not reasonably necessary to complete the public use for which the bona fide offer is made. – It was voted out of committee.
SB 627 by Schwertner et all, provides a property owner information of their rights relating to the survey of property by an entity with eminent domain authority. Added to the landowner’s Bill of Rights are the condemning entity’s responsibility to pay for any damages caused by the survey; the landowner’s right to refuse permission and entry to conduct such survey; the landowner’s ability to negotiate such survey; the condemning entity’s right to sue the landowner if refuses to give permission for the survey. – It was voted out of committee.
SB 628 by Schwertner et all, amends the statute about the repurchase of property that has been taken by eminent domain. The bill would increase the requirements that a condemning entity needs to have to prove progress to keep the land it condemned. – It was voted out of committee.
SB 740 by Kolkhorst et all, amends several parts of the eminent domain code. It requires condemning entities to provide the appraisal reports no later than three business days prior to a hearing, as is currently required of property owners; it would require certain information to be contained in the “bona fide” offer to allow property owners to better understand the impact of the project; would require the condemning entity to pay reasonable landowner expenses if final damages awarded to the property owner in eminent domain proceedings meet or exceed 20% in excess of the condemner’s final offer; it would require nongovernmental condemners to post a bond in the amount of the property owners award, pay the award or deposit the award with the court prior to appealing a court judgment in case they filed for bankruptcy and have not paid for the land they now possess; It would prevent the property owners from paying taxes when the land is taken in possession by the condemning entity. – It was left pending in committee.
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April 7, 2017
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