NADeFA reports that CWD Funding Restored in Senate

CWD Funding Restored in Senate!

July 08, 2013

The Senate Appropriations Committee recently released its Fiscal Year 2014 agriculture spending bill and accompanying committee report, which determines funding levels for USDA programs. It has been a top priority of NADeFA to reverse the USDA’s budget recommendation to halt federal contributions to the national CWD program, and the Senate supported NADeFA’s request. The Senate Appropriations Committee included almost $2 Million over the USDA’s budget request for the “Equine and Cervid Health” funding account, and included the following guidance: The Committee is concerned about the persistent threat that Chronic Wasting Disease poses on cervid populations and the potential economic and ecological devastation caused by an outbreak. The Committee directs APHIS to maintain Federal contributions for addressing Chronic Wasting Disease.

The House version of the ag spending bill includes $3 Million for cervid health activities. NADeFA and Capitol Hill Consulting Group will continue to work diligently to be sure NADeFA’s priorities are heard on Capitol Hill as the Senate and House ag spending bills go through the conference process to produce a final ag spending bill for Fiscal Year 2014.