Animal Rights

Texas Wildlife Association “Working for tomorrow’s wildlife … TODAY!” 2800 NE Loop 410, Suite 105 <> San Antonio, Texas 78218 <> 210/826-2904 <> 800/839-9453 <> FAX 210/826-4933 TWA Position Statement on Ownership of Deer Adopted May 2005, and Recommend Revision September 30, 2008, by TWA DMC. Approved by TWA Executive Committee, October 15, 2008. TWA supports public ownership of wildlife resources, and is, and will remain, opposed to any efforts that result in conversion of Texas’ wild deer to private ownership. TWA strongly supports the position that our native white-tailed and mule deer are to remain publicly-owned wildlife regardless of the natural or man made situations in which they are found; and that deer intentionally released from breeder pens upon release remain the property of the people of the state of Texas. We believe deer breeders should continue to enjoy and benefit from certain privileges extended by statutes governing deer breeder permits. TWA also believes reasonable TPWD oversight as provided through statute is desirable for both the continued integrity of the breeder industry and the protection of wild deer.