Contact your State Senator to Vote YES on SB 740

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Contact your State Senator to Vote YES on SB 740
SB 740 will be heard Monday, April 3, 2017 at 9 a.m. in the Senate State Affairs Committee
We need your help to ensure your State Senator understands how important eminent domain reform is to you and your family.
SB 740 will protect property owners if they must endure eminent domain proceedings. Texas is growing at an ever-greater pace and new powerlines, pipelines, roads and other infrastructure mean more property owners than ever will see their land taken through eminent domain.
SB 740 will allow development AND level the playing field for property owners as they protect their land against giant corporations with deep pockets, and masses of lobbyists and lawyers.
If landowners don’t act, our private property rights will continue to be lost to private corporations and government.
Call your State Senator, especially if he or she serves on the Senate State Affairs Committee and request that they take a stand for landowners and vote YES on SB 740.
To find your state senator click here:
Chair:   Sen. Joan Huffman
Vice Chair: Sen. Bryan Hughes
Members: Sen. Brian Birdwell
Sen. Brandon Creighton
Sen. Craig Estes
Sen. Eddie Lucio, Jr.
Sen. Jane Nelson
Sen. Charles Schwertner
Sen. Judith Zaffirini
Summary of SB 740 Authored by Sen. Lois Kolkhorst, courtesy of
SB 740 addresses five important issues that property owners recognize as necessary. The bill includes the following provisions:
* Equal disclosure of appraisals: Some condemning entities take advantage of a loophole by providing a new or updated appraisal at the special commissioners hearing, giving the property owner no time to assess the new information. The bill would require those entities to provide the appraisal reports no later than three business days prior to a hearing, as is currently required of property owners.
* Property rights protections in bona fide offer: There are few protections in place that require condemning entities to act in good faith when negotiating with landowners. This provision would require certain information to be contained in the “bona fide” offer to allow property owners to better understand the impact of the project.
* Reimbursement of property owner’s expenses when sued on a low-ball offer: This section of the bill would require the condemning entity to pay reasonable landowner expenses if final damages awarded to the property owner in eminent domain proceedings meet or exceed 20% in excess of the condemner’s final offer.
* Bond requirement: In some cases, private condemners have declared bankruptcy and failed to pay property owners even though they are in possession of the condemned property. SB 740 would require nongovernmental condemners to post a bond in the amount of the property owners award, pay the award or deposit the award with the court prior to appealing a court judgment.
* No property taxes: Condemning entities often take possession of property to begin work prior to the exchange or title or final compensation. In this situation, the condemner has possession, but the original property owner must still pay taxes on the land. Sen. Kolkhorst’s bill would require the ending property owner to pay those taxes.
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April 3, 2017
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