DBC North American Deer Registry Update

North American Deer Registry Office
Phone Number: 405-513-7228
When working your deer this fall don’t forget to pull samples on all your Bucks and Does that are in your breeding program.
Why Is This Important?
NADR is transitioning to new technology for Parentage beginning in 2017.  This new technology is called SNPs and will be utilized side by side with our old technology, STRs, until every breeder is fully transitioned over.  At that time, we will only utilize SNP technology for parentage testing.
What Are the Advantages?
  1. Lower costs
  2. More markers which means easier to interpret data and results
What Does Each Breeder Need to Do?
Although we expect this transition to take several years, each breeder can speed up their own ranches transition by proactively doing the following.
  1. Obtain a sample from any buck or doe that was tested prior to 2017 that you expect to produce offspring in the future.
  2. Contact the NADR office and coordinate submitting these samples with your 2017 fawns.
  3. Once your herd is transitioned, any future fawns submitted will only utilize the SNP technology for testing which will result in a reduced price to the breeder.
Will the Breeder Have to Pay To Transition His Breeding Stock to SNPs?
For every fawn sample submitted, NADR will process a Buck or Doe free of charge.  This will help expedite the transition for your ranch.   If you have questions, please call the NADR office and someone will walk you thru the process.
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