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Attention Florida Members
To all our Florida members, please see Dr. Wisely’s message below. If you were affected by the Hurricane Irma, please fill out the survey below…
Thank you,
Charly Seale
Executive Director

Dear Cervid Farming Community:
Hurricane Irma has affected every county in Florida. I hope that everyone in our community came through the storm and is safe. If you suffered losses or damages to your deer farm, we would like to hear about it. The University of Florida is collecting information from all parts of the agricultural sector to assess damages to the agricultural industry. Deer farming is an underappreciated contributor to the ag economy here in Florida, so it is especially important that your voice is heard at this time.
Please take a few minutes to fill out the following survey. The information will be shared with state and federal officials to assess losses, issues and needs across the state. The survey can be found here:
This link includes reporting of losses to Ag and horticulture crops, forestry, animals including dairy and beef cattle, poultry and other farm animals including cervids, and loss of infrastructure and equipment.  If you believe that a specific Ag-related loss is not included in this survey please specify it and include it in a category closest to it.
With warmest regards-Sam
Samantha M. Wisely, Ph.D.
Director, UF IFAS Cervidae Health Research Initiative
University of Florida
Exotic Wildlife Association
Charly Seale, Executive Director

105 Henderson Branch Rd., West
Ingram, Texas 78025
September 21, 2017
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