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Reminder to all EWA Members,


We are again asking for your assistance as your association attempts to remove five more species from the Endangered Species Act that are currently listed by U.S. Fish & Wildlife as endangered or threatened in their native lands but have strong numbers in the United States. These five animals are the Barasingha, Arabian Oryx, Eld’s deer, Grevy’s Zebra, and Red Lechwe.


Without the onerous restrictions of the ESA we would see their populations increase just as the numbers did for the Scimitar Horned Oryx, Addax, and Dama Gazelle when they received the exemption from the ESA in September 2005.


For those that have completed the survey, Thank You!!.  For those who have not, please click the link below to complete the survey. You will not be asked for your name or ranch identification, we are only looking for numbers. If you know of others with these species who are not EWA members, we ask that you encourage them to visit our website and complete the survey. An accurate accounting of each of these species will be vital to the upcoming legislative process.


Endangered Species Survey


Thank you for your assistance.


Charly Seale

Executive Director

(830) 928-3158