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Legislative Update
March 25, 2015 

EWA Legislative Update



Open Carry,

SB 17, has passed the Senate and has been received in the House. Three amendments were filed: Offenses committed under this Act are governed by this Act if committed on or after Sept. 1, 2016; whoever open carries a gun must have a holster that restrain the gun to make it difficult to steal it; It is illegal open carry on the property or driveway of an institute of higher education (but the act allows concealed carry).

Carry on Campus,

SB 11, has also passed the Senate and has been received in the House. Three amendments were adopted: it is an offense if the gun is not concealed; it is an offense to carry if the institution has rules to ban handguns from campus and discloses clearly 30.06 signs; a vehicle owned by the institution is defined as part of the premises.


SJR 22,

The right to hunt and fish amendment that EWA contributed to write last Summer, was heard in the Senate Agriculture Committee. The bill was passed favorably without amendments. EWA supported the bill.


SB 474,

which allow the recovery of the costs and fees incurred in eminent domain proceedings if the damaged awarded by a special commission is 10% or more than those awarded by the condemnor, was heard and left pending in Committee. EWA supported the bill.


SB 610,
which aims to limit liabilities for ranchers and farmers who engage in agritourism was heard as well. EWA testified to add exotics. The bill was voted out of committee with the understanding to change it in the House. Rep. Andy Murr kindly amended per EWA request his companion.

HB 1203,

to include exotics. That bill was also heard. Please thank both Rep. Murr and Sen. Perry for agreeing to amend their bills.  EWA supported both bills.


HB 150,
which would eliminate day saving times, was heard. It was left pending in committee.  EWA supported the bill.


SB 908,

by Sen. Zaffirini and identical companion HB 3963 by Rep. Farrar were filed. The bills would ask for an Animal Welfare Commission to propose legislation for the well being of animals, including exotics.  EWA opposes the bills.


SB 919,

by Sen. Fraser and identical companion HB 1552 by Rep. Craddick. The bills would allow a gas and oil company to drill a well across multiple tracts and to decide how it wants to allocate production without having tried to work out an agreement with royalty owners.  EWA opposes the bills as originally written.


Respectfully submitted by your EWA Legislative Committee,

Marida Favia del Core Borromeo, Chairman

Terry Caffey, Gib Lewis, Todd Franks,
Chas. Schreiner IV, Bruce Fairchild