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Legislative Update
April 17, 2015 

EWA Legislative Update



SB 988 – The Holly Combs Act

by Perry. Current law prohibits a person from controlling the remains of someone if they have been charged in relation to that person’s death. This is meant to protect victims and their families from having to get permission from the suspected killer before burying their relative. However, the law is very difficult to find and has no consequences for the funeral home director who knowingly violates the law causing families unneeded anguish as they negotiate burial arrangements. The bill would amend the law by making it clear and adding disciplinary actions. The bill was requested by EWA members – the Combs family.

EWA supported the bill.


HB 4064

by James White would allow TPW commission to suspend any county or regional special antler restriction for a two-day special youth white-tailed deer hunt and it would establish a limit of one deer per hunter; it would keep intact the right of a landowner to determine restrictions to hunters hunting on his land.

EWA supported the bill.


HB 3988

by Geren would require the Comptroller to create an accessible, easy to use website database of private and public entities, including common carriers, that may authorized to use eminent domain.

EWA supported the bill.


HB 1392

by Bell et all would force mineral owners into an oil and gas lease unit with no chance of negotiating; if the owner does not ratify the agreement, the operator can hold the owner’s proceeds up to three times what he would have paid if ratified; state owned lands are exempt.

EWA opposed the bill.


HB 2359

by Bohac The Department of Public Safety may not provide to the agency a list of individuals licensed to carry a concealed handgun in response to a bulk request made by a federal criminal justice agency; it provides a penalty if it does.

EWA supported the bill.


HB 2202

by Kacal and identical companion SB 971 by Perry would consider motor vehicles exclusively used for transporting fertilizer of animal feed as implement of husbandry, and therefore tax exempted.

EWA supported the bills.

HB 2119

by Lozano would limit liabilities for volunteers of charitable organizations that dedicate themselves exclusively to mitigate and fight wildfires, range management or prescribed burnings.

EWA supported the bill.


HB 235

by Farrar would require the Dept. of Public safety to establish and maintain a database for anyone 17 year old or older who has been convicted of or has received deferred adjudication for animal cruelty. A person upon release from jail/prison must register like a sex offender. A person can petition the court to be excepted from registration. The department can petition for donations to establish and maintain the database.

EWA opposed the bill.


HB 3116

by Cyrier would protect private property rights by guaranteeing groundwater usage according to historic use to landowners whose property is located in the counties of the district that are targeted by water marketers.

EWA supported the bill.


HB 4112

by Burns would strengthen groundwater rights of landowners and extend the protection to activities such as saving water.

EWA supported the bill.


HB 2892

by Murr would shift the proof that a river or stream or other watercourse belongs to the state and not to the landowner from the landowner to the state. The bill would now require the state to perform or to have performed by a professional registered land surveyor a boundary survey of the watercourse; provide each person who owns partially or otherwise land by the water course the name of the agency that seeks an opinion; the geographic location and name of the water course; time and location and of a public meeting in regard of the opinion, and other information. Any person or their attorneys may appear in person to discuss, give evidence, etc. Once the agency gives the opinion, the landowners may file a petition with the district court of the county where the watercourse is situated and the hearing shall be a trial de novo on all issues.

EWA supported the bill.

Respectfully submitted by your EWA Legislative Committee,

Marida Favia del Core Borromeo, Chairman

Terry Caffey, Gib Lewis, Todd Franks,
Chas. Schreiner IV, Bruce Fairchild