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Blanco River Flooding




EWA members:


If you have property along the Blanco river south of Wimberley please walk your land and look for the missing victims of the flood. Many in EWA have been affected personally by this tragic and heart rendering devastation.   

Flooding in Wimberly, Texas has resulted in tragic loss for families and friends from South Texas.  We are asking that anyone who owns or leases property along the Blanco, San Marcos or Guadalupe Rivers, see the statement below.  If possible, please forward this to anyone you know that has property along these rivers or that can help spread the word.  Please keep these folks in your thoughts and prayers.


“Please be aware that debris and/or victims of the recent Wimberley floods have far exceeded historical limits, traveling down the Blanco River as far as the San Marcos and Guadalupe Rivers. We are asking all farmers, ranchers and land owners along the watershed for assistance in searching their properties for signs of debris and to avoid destroying or burning debris piles. Rather, we need their assistance in our search efforts, and if something of interest is discovered, please contact local authorities.”

Please contact the Hays County Sheriff’s Office with any pertinent information. Also if you can offer a tractor, helicopter, machinery of any kind to help move debris or search please do so. Online and Facebook are several pages that can give you further information such as:



Wimberley Flood 2015



Hays County Emergency Information