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A Message from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Dear Texas Deer Breeder,

The new updates to TWIMS have launched successfully, and you may now log in to TWIMS to view your transfer category. Our staff have processed all of the CWD tests uploaded to TWIMS as of Friday the 21st and all transfer category information is up to date. You may view your transfer category from the facility information page in TWIMS (see the TWIMS Instructions Manual linked below).                                                     

In order to ensure that your transfer category or release site class is not downgraded without your knowledge, transfer permits now require dual approval to move deer. Both the source and the destination facilities must now approve the transfer permit before it is activated and valid. This has been done in an effort to make both parties aware of any transfer category or release site class degradation, disease monitoring requirements, or tagging requirements that will result from the creation of a transfer permit. For step-by-step instructions on creating and activating a transfer permit, please refer to the TWIMS Instructions Manual, which can be accessed by clicking “Help” in TWIMS or at the link below.

TWIMS Instructions Manual

To better serve and inform new release site owners of the requirements to liberate breeder deer, we now require that all release sites be registered by Deer Breeder Program staff. To register a new release site, please have the release site owner fill out the attached form (Deer Breeder Program Request for Registration of Site or Facility) and email the completed form todeer.breeder@tpwd.texas.gov. Please allow a minimum of 1 business day to process this request. If you plan to transport deer during a weekend, please plan ahead and make sure the release site is registered before 5:00 pm on Friday

All release sites must be surrounded by a high fence (minimum 7 feet in height) capable of retaining deer under normal circumstances. Furthermore, release site owners must prevent the escape of liberated breeder deer from the registered release site. This means that all gates into the registered release site acreage must remain closed once breeder deer have been released, and all required CWD samples from hunter-harvested deer must be collected from deer harvested within the acreage of the registered release site. All release sites begin with a Class I status, but those sites that receive deer from a Transfer Category 2 or 3 deer breeding facility will become either Class II or Class III release sites.

Deer Breeder Program Staff

Exotic Wildlife Association
Charly Seale, Executive Director

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Ingram, Texas 78025
August 25, 2015
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