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 From TVMDL: Information regarding CWD Specimen Shipping Boxes

Texas Animal Health Commission (TAHC)
September 30, 2015The Texas Animal Health Commission would like to share the following information from the Texas A&M Veterinary Medical Diagnostic Laboratory (TVMDL).

A note from TVMDL: TVMDL recently had requests for Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) specimen shipping boxes and we have put together a specimen shipping box that will give them resources to ship fixed tissue and keep the box compliant with IATA shipping requirements of hazardous material (formalin). A small TVMDL shipping box will be used and will include two 120cc formalin jars, a 95 KVP bag, bubble wrap, absorbent pad. If picked up, they will cost $4 each. If shipped, we will use FedEX ground and the cost will be $9 per box. They may order multiple boxes for multiple submissions. We will not ship these CWD boxes with more than 2 formalin jars in each box due to the complexity of billing for varying item numbers and attempting to keep the return box IATA compliant. These will be a single use item and not be returned to the submitter after use.

Credit card payment may be used to pay for boxes. That will require the owner/submitter to create a temporary account number with TVMDL.

For more information please contact TVMDL.

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