EWA Membership Alert for Those Holding Permits on Endangered Species

Exotic Wildlife Association
Exotic Wildlife Association Membership Alert

To all members of the Exotic Wildlife Association who hold permits for one or more of the endangered species. The animal rights groups are hard at work and have once again hijacked the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. As a result of certain animal rights group’s efforts they have successfully petitioned the USFWS to give them 10 extra days after the 30 day comment period to review all comments received. In theory they could find some reason then to comment further. The USFWS has chosen to ignore their comments up to this point in time and approve all applications. What this does is extend the 30 day comment period to 40 days and little else. The problem is they keep asking for more and more from the USFWS and it appears they are being given everything they request.


This is why it is so important for this association to keep up our lobbying efforts to push legislation through congress to solve this matter once and for all.


The gentleman that is handling all permit applications will be retiring in January 2014. He has been very easy to work with. It will be anyone’s guess who his replacement will be. We can only hope our level of service remains the same with this new application person.


For anyone experiencing any problems in the permitting process please call me direct and I will make every attempt possible to resolve the issue.


Charly Seale

Executive Director

Exotic Wildlife Association